Priced to move - cheburkov / Maxace


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Jun 4, 2012
For sale, priced to move.
Not currently interested in trades.

All knives come with original content.
Price includes pp g&s and shipping within US. International shipping is on you.

1. Maxace Ptilopsis
- $175
- Hybrid hand satin
- carried once never used
- has minor scratch on handle which can be seen in pic and video.
- uses the famous Lee Williams kickstop flipper tab which makes the action amazingly smooth.

121FAFCD-F1C0-4EF0-860A-D5E5AA69AF40.jpeg BB80F758-8A80-4764-A53F-F8D23D5355FA.jpeg D8C10650-FE7D-412F-AEBA-A5D342B8A8D4.jpeg 5FB326CD-3A3C-4C4F-98E1-1988343DB834.jpeg B8091272-269D-4116-A62F-5D858437DCF3.jpeg

2. Cheburkov Russki
- carried, used and sharpened.
- has minor scratch on handle. Minor wear on anodizing for clip and back spacer.
- action is amazing and smooth. Knife closes by itself with a hydraulic shut feel.
- blade is dead center.

12C059E0-ADD7-4ABF-82E2-A5BB356C7558.jpeg 8B165B6D-A619-4013-BFBD-8D1802F2526A.jpeg 490C0B35-C2B9-44C8-B817-6A9423B484F5.jpeg 9362D2B5-8603-4ECD-87D4-7004162E953B.jpeg BAA6F3B7-A2E7-4EB8-9DAD-757C6C0CDD19.jpeg
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