Questions re: SOG Terminus XR

Jul 30, 2020
I bought a Terminus XR a few days ago (10/2021), mine has S35VN; this is my first SOG knife. Right out of the box, this knife has been very disappointing. The action on my knife is incredibly stiff. I cannot open the knife with the flipper and I cannot even move the blade with the thumb studs. I tried contacting SOG twice and they did not respond, so I watched some videos. I found a guy who disassembled the knife and lubed it so I thought I would try this. I may have voided my warranty but it doesn't matter since SOG will not respond to me. The knife is back together and it is marginally better. The flipper still does not work but I can open the knife with the thumb studs. The button that lets me close the knife, the XR lock, does not work smoothly. As you might guess this knife has been a big disappointment. I am not counting on any assistance from SOG so do you have any suggestions for making this a usable knife? Thanks.


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Jun 9, 2011
don't own this knife, but have a couple xr lock sogs. all came stiff out of the box.....I could always flip them open but not thumbstud push flip them open. weirdly one would kinda lock up closed sometimes and i couldn't push the thumbstud open.. not everytime though.. could always flip it open though,, but stiff push to overcome something. after using for awhile they all worked loose and work fine now both ways.

I didnt take apart or oil anything. they just work fine now from open and close and using.