Rarest axe ever made?


Baryonyx walkeri
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Mar 8, 2008
This. To steal a thought from Bernard Levine, truly rare things are rarely valuable because there is no market for them.

Or they're so rare that they're priceless, because there's no prior data to base value on, and/or most people don't even know it exists.

Meanwhile, common economy axes like Norlunds get an inflated value simply because some modern day, well-known, self-professed "experts" declared them to be the best axes ever, despite them having been hang-packaged discount models made for outdoor recreationalists. The hype leads to demand, and demand leads to inflated prices, despite the relatively low grade and commonplace nature of the models from an actual rarity standpoint.


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Jul 3, 2019
We also don't know what the original intent of the initial post was- it might not be driven by interest in money, or collecting.
It might be one of those "how fast is a penny traveling just before it hits the ground if I threw it off the Empire State Building?" kinds of questions.

Edit: I figured I'd just go ahead and figure out my very own question... Integrating assuming the penny was dropped, not thrown, and assuming no air drag, 208 miles per hour. Terminal velocity is far less than that, however, somewhere around 50 MPH if conditions are right.
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Yankee Josh

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Mar 31, 2018
Those interested in the monetary value or rarity of an axe are my least favorite, those interested in using axes and hatchets and old tools for working wood and who are interested in history are my most favorite. I can't think of any good reason to be interested in the rarity or monetary value of an old tool.
People who run their mouth when everyone would be better served if they kept it shut are my least favorite. If you haven't anything positive to add, why not keep it to yourself.
Your last sentence demonstrates a complete and utter ignorance on your behalf. Not to mention belittling the OP who may never ask another question for fear of brash, small minded idiot's like you.
If you don't care about value or rarity than why in TF did you comment in this thread, asking about rarity and value!
Just to say something nasty and insulting, that's why.
So touche MFer.