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RIP Tony Bose

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by coolhand68, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. waynorth

    waynorth Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 19, 2005
    You are lucky to have such a collection of the Old Dog's work. Chief!!
    I think I even recognize one!!:) Might be the only one he did with a Long Pull!! R.I.P. Tony!!:(
  2. STDK

    STDK Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 31, 2006
    RIP Mr Bose. Met him at a Red Hill Cutlery Case knife show and had him sign the box of the show special a Case TB Swayback Jack. He was a giant of a man with a smile on his face the whole time I was there.
  3. NewBlades16

    NewBlades16 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    Wanted to wait a day before I posted to see all the comments of people who knew him personally. A few things I took away reading.
    He was a hell of a guy! Meaning it seemed like he would give the shirt off his back for someone and was generous with his time. Humble and honest. Qualities not as common these days. That’s what I took away even more than his legendary knife making skills.
    It stings hard when you lose someone like Tony Bose, especially for those who called him a friend.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2020
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  4. sitflyer

    sitflyer Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    RIP Tony Bose, my condolences to the family and to all who knew him...
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  5. The Shatz

    The Shatz Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 1, 2017
    Said day in the knife world!!!
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  6. Will Power

    Will Power Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Outstanding array, shows the in house style, it's the Swaybacks that epitomise TB's approach for me.
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  7. mendezj

    mendezj Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 24, 1998
    You went to the heart of it. Thank you.
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  8. Campbellclanman

    Campbellclanman Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    I didnt see this or know of this terrible news until this minute!

    I am so sorry for Tony and his Family and his Friends.

    I have met some absolutely wonderful people who have met Tony, these people I have read many times speaking so highly of Tony - to me that says a tremendous amount about such a great person I never had the pleasure to meet.

    I hope Tony's adventures continue somewhere, and my thoughts out to all the people who Knew Tony.
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  9. mattyc


    Oct 5, 2011
    Thank you, Mr. Bose, for all of the fine designs you helped bring to hand.

    Cutting up an apple to share with my old dog, using this beautiful backpocket clip blade.
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  10. mendezj

    mendezj Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 24, 1998
    Here beaten like a rented mule, Wiz.
  11. Pogonasong

    Pogonasong Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2018
    Still having a hard time accepting this. My love for traditional knives obviously lead to admiration for the man and his incredible impact and influence on the entire knife community. Even several modern tactical knives have been named "Lanny's clips".. I never met him or spoke with him but have always known that someday I'd have one of his knives and that it would be the pinnacle of my collection..top of the pyramid. I know he will always be remembered and relevant but I'll miss knowing that in Indiana there's a man named Tony Bose who makes the best traditional knives with his son Reese.
  12. drj211

    drj211 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    Still one of my favorites. RIP Mr. Bose.

  13. Lansky1


    Apr 12, 2016
    I loved watching TB's video's with other knife makers just hanging in his shop. Loved when one of the younger knifesmiths pulled out a nice custom jack knife from a sleeve, and Tony called it a knife purse - LOL. It was classic !! RIP TB
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2020
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  14. Ace Rimmer

    Ace Rimmer

    Jul 4, 2017
    So sad to hear this. I met Tony briefly once at a Shepherd Hills event in 2019. I had been looking for a whiskey bone CV tribal lock and found one there. I asked Tony to autograph the box, which he did. So glad that I had the opportunity to meet him.

  15. brownshoe

    brownshoe I support this site with my MIND

    Sep 6, 2002
    I met Tony at a show and it was during a dead time. I joked about whether or not he'd sell out. He laughed and showed me the paper slips for the lottery, joyfully indicating that he did the knife lottery in order. You got picked for a knife, you didn't pick a knife.

    He said it wasn't always that way. Once he was hard up and needed food for the family. He traded a knife for a dozen pizzas, one at a time over a few weeks. The guy tried to cheat him out of the last pizza, but he had kept track with hash marks by the phone he used to call in the orders, so it didn't work, since delivery of the knife came after the 12th pizza. I spend time in rural IN and it can be a hardscrabble state.

    He encouraged me to go for the lottery, but I told him "I was a man of means by no means." He laughed and said if I won, to keep it for awhile, enjoy it and then sell it for more $. I told him that's why I buy his Case knives, so I could keep them. He then pulled out the Remington he rebladed with 440V that was the inspiration for the Wilfred lock back hunter. Guess what knife I bought next when the price dropped to $320 :)
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  16. euroken

    euroken Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 28, 2014
    Never met him but I know that he is legendary in the industry.

    It’s my understanding that he shared his designs with many prominent knife makers freely. That in itselfs speaks volumes about his character.

    I can definitely say he is the one that really turned me to the traditionals through his designs and I still seek elements of his designs in modern folders also.

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  17. quattro98


    May 19, 2000
    My condolences to his family.
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  18. Joe Allen Knives-2017

    Joe Allen Knives-2017 KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Apr 17, 2017
    My Hero-My Mentor-My Fellow Brother of the Blade passes away Sunday Afternoon of a Heart Attack after not feeling well and went an lay down for the final big nap, until Our God raises his Soul for a big Knife re-union one day in the future. It was a sad rainy day today at the Wilford Works home of Karen and Tony Bose , their Son Reese was sitting by his Mothers side as they Mourn the passing of his Father an Karens husband of Many years. Terry Hampton was their Also , and we talked of our past experiences when we shared more better time’s together. It has been 23 years since the day Tony asked me to come up an see how to make pocket knives. We were only year a part in our ages an it hurts to see my Friend leave us at such a young age. I hope Reese has the strenght and courage to keep the Bose Dynasty alive an going for many years to come. I’m sure he will, because the Old Dawg's Spirit lives on in Reese.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2020
  19. VCM3

    VCM3 Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Oct 26, 2005
    I still kinda can't believe it ,the sad news. Reading and seeing the picture posts all over the internet ,then coming here to the "porch " and reading the replies. Tony , Rest In Peace , will be missed by so many ,now with a hole punched in our hearts . He loved the knives and the people that came associated with. Tony was such a great guy , and I think a part of him will go on in every one of us he met and didn't , the knives being the common. RIP Tony Bose condolences to the Bose Family

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