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Jul 30, 2013
You do methodical, careful, and attractive work. I will follow along. Thanks. (Normal? I’ve had family members wonder this when they hear how much I’ve paid for some of my Bussekin.)

Hell of it is; I’ve got a hobby I enjoy. And by judicious purchasing, most of my knives increase in value. Such a deal.

I can certainly calculate the value of a slightly used BBSH2 Humpback, with a greater accuracy than other investments I might purchase. Especially in “The Market.”


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Jan 4, 2016
So maybe you know by now that this isn't my first set of knife handles. I have been at this awhile. Woodworking really is my hobby and almost exclusively how I enjoy these amazing knives. I can't do the steel bit, I just have no talent for that. So I readily admit that my work takes advantage of the art someone else has created. Sometimes it bothers the maker, but mostly it is very well received.

Knowing I'm riding coat-tails, I try to show some respect. When I can, I like to implement a detail that pays tribute to a feature in the original blade's design.

To honor that in this build, I decided my favorite feature on the blade is the transition at the tanto tip. The continuous curved belly and the break line of the intersecting grinds is really appealing to me. I like the faceted lines and curves and flats the most on this knife. I like it far better than a tip with a hard break in a sharpened edge on most tantos. I don't know much, but this took some skill!

Hard to photograph, but who's with me? Gorgeous, right?


I adapted that at the front edge of the scales. I made 3 flat facets (because I did NOT like the blocky front to the original scales) that slope on a bevel, transitioning to a continuous curve where the micarta meets the ricaso.


Thanks for looking and reading and for the kind comments so far.

More photos of the finished knife later...
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Aug 21, 2014
very cool. it looks like you've put a bunch of thought into the end result.

very comfy looking in a bunch of different holds.


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Apr 13, 2004
Awesome work T!!! :cool: :thumbsup: Those turned out pretty amazing. You must have a good source for your Ironwood.
Feb 19, 2006
Very nice. I've seen that handle profile with the scallops in the back half from some custom makers and always thought it was good looking and functional.

Don't know why it isn't used more widely? Jerry, Garth, what say you? Ever tried/tested this handle profile?