Scammer Alert - Sphillips1995s


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May 5, 2021
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Original Listing Post

In short, this user first posted a counterfeit Stitch.

Here's his posting.;searl|1647130035:4
Compare with this DHGate item. A complete match.

First member (a guy i've done business with twice who's a fine upstanding member of this community) in the thread messaged him, informed him in PM that its a fake. He acknowledged it, deleted the subject and listing text.

I on the other hand had no idea and messaged him. He replied back to me after the above member informed him that its a $22 buck Chinese copy. This is the reply i got:


He attempted to sell it to me in private even after understanding its a fake.

This is the first time i encountered a dishonest guy in Blade Forums. To keep the community safe, figured its my duty to report this on forward...

He was asking $330 and claimed it was brand new, just missing the box. I'm sure he pulled back the box as it was an obvious sign of where it came from...


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Apr 25, 2000
Shouldn't he receive a site ban? I'd hate for him to pop back in a year later when everyone has forgotten and pull this again.
Haven’t got to that point… yet, couple of other things need to be looked at first.