SOLD, Big Sale, Fifty! Basic 5" Field Knife, Delta 3V

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Feb 13, 2007
This is our first proper sale of this new pattern. For this first sale, please limit your order to one per post.





The Basic 5" Field Knife is a stout, medium sized woods knife and general purpose work knife for tradesmen and hunters. It is based on our very popular standard Field Knife, the FK2, but it has been tweaked in order to invite some tough love from you knuckleheads who don't want to beat on their standard Field Knife.

Some things have changed, some things are have stayed the same.

They are both 3/16" stock CPM 3V at HRC 60.5 with the Delta heat treat protocol
The handles are interchangeable

The primary grind is 1/4 degree steeper (slightly more obtuse)
The edge is sharpened at 20 DPS, up from 18
The blade is 5/8" longer
The blade is not skeletonized (and is 2 ounces heavier, but the balance point is the same)
There is no hidden lanyard hole
The scales are somewhat simplified with less contouring. (It is still supremely comfortable and very well thought out)
There is no jimping on the thumb ramp
It is significantly less expensive and is begging for your rough love.

It is thick but not overly thick. It is a strong performer, it cuts well. However you can not break this knife without tools such as a big hammer or a prybar. If you can break or significantly damage this knife (without the use of tools) I will replace, repair or refund. Go nuts.


CPM 3V, Delta Heat treat protocol, 60.5 HRC, .188" thick at ricasso, sharpened 20 DPS.
Total length 10.4"
Blade length 5.5"
Weight 10.2 oz
Grippy 3D machined scales in your choice of black or natural micarta
18-8 stainless steel fasteners

Mashed Cat sheaths with semi rigid drop loop are custom made for these knives and are well designed and well made. TecLok available upon request.

Rather than just take my word for it I made a new video

These are all field grade, milled, ground and tumbled with tool and grind marks.

Basic configuration, black or natural canvas micarta, with sheath and shipping: $258 ($245 + $13 shipping). Multiples do not accrue additional shipping.

Today's sale is for 50 knives. Come back in two weeks for another 50!


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May 17, 2013
In for 1 Basic 5" Field Knife with buffed natural micarta handle, and regular Mashed Cat sheath with drop loop, thank you, Team CPK!
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