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[SOLD] Rockstead Kon YXR7 DLC mint

Discussion in 'For Sale: Fixed Blades (Individual)' started by packrat68, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. packrat68


    Jan 10, 2013
    For sale is my astonishingly beautiful Rockstead Kon in YXR7 with DLC coating.

    I didn't want to use the original sheath so it has been locked away, and I had a sheath custom made by Bardster here in the UK who did a fine job of matching the flowing lines of the knife's handle to his leather creation, it's really a very attractive combo.

    Some description from the web:

    The Rockstead Kon DLC is one of a long line of incredible cutting tools. Everything about this knife from design, through manufacture to end product is utterly sublime.

    The blade is crafted from YXR7 High Carbon Steel which has been incredibly polished, and frankly is nearly as reflective as any mirror! Note though that this steel will rust very easily, so proper and regular knife care/maintenance is required.

    The handle of the Kon DLC has been constructed from Black Wood Micarta, which aesthetically looks great, and to hold is equally brilliant. The shaping of the handle provides great comfort as well as plenty of grip.

    Each knife is unique. Each knife is individually numbered. Each and every Rockstead knife receives a certificate of authenticity.

    With proper maintenance, Rockstead knives are known to keep a sharp edge for 2-3 years. They also come with free sharpening and regrinding. You would be responsible for shipping charges to and from Japan.

    I couldn't have put it better myself.

    This example has been used to cut nothing but paper and is of course ludicrously sharp. So this is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to own a Rockstead fixed blade without paying the new price: when you come to sell it in the same condition you will most likely lose nothing.


    Limited Edition: Yes
    Colour: Black
    Blade Material: YXR7 Carbon Steel
    Blade Length (cm): 13.0
    Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
    Overall Length (cm): 25.4
    Blade Colour: Black
    Handle Colour: Black
    Handle Material: Micarta
    Handle Detail: Wood Micarta
    Blade Coating: DLC (Diamond Like Coating)
    Blade Finish: Polished
    Blade Hardness (HRC): 67
    Blade Shape: Drop Point
    Blade Type: Plain
    Cutting Edge (cm): 12.8
    Grind: Convex
    Pouch Colour: Black
    Sheath: Wood Micarta Sheath
    Weight (g): 239

    By agreeing to buy this knife you assert that you are aged 18 or over.

    Asking price is £1,500 in the UK or sensible offer including RMSD but excluding any Paypal fees, you are welcome to pay by bank transfer which of course has no fees.

    In the US or elsewhere the price is $1,975 by TransferWise, plus shipping at cost, and if uninsured then at your risk. NB. I can get the knife to the US and have it shipped from there if you are uncomfortable with shipping direct to you from me here in the UK.

    If you need confidence to trade with me, I co-run the edgematters.uk forum so am not likely to do a runner with your funds. Can also provide countless references from top UK makers and collectors if you like.

    Pics below! Although honestly they don't do it justice... it really has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.

    The slight sheen visible on the "wood micarta" is a trick of the light, not a fault, and isn't really visible in the flesh.

  2. xyrium

    xyrium Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2016
    Nice indeed. GLWTS!
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  3. packrat68


    Jan 10, 2013
    Now SOLD.. thank you for the interest.

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