Some OKC stuff Ramblings

Jan 5, 2015
I been picking up some Cerberuses lately, good little belt knife and good little cutter. I gave one away to some one who used it for his snow mobling trips and loved it. They costed about as much as a Tweener but are D2 steel and a great G-10 handle and their sheath is okish enough. The sheath isn't all spread out like Kydex and is slimmer, I might order some general purpose sheaths for them later maybe. The edge near the handle might get a little file rounding but that's about it for mods I might do to them.

I'm looking to pick up another woodsman 420 HC for a dedicated big critter cutting season. I have one dedicated for camping and one for kitchen duty only. The 420 HCs one I gave away are those persons' favorite kitchen/camp knives. Usually heavy duty butcher knife but that still can slice what ever weird hard "euro traditional" (That I avoid like a plague!) foods. Give me American traditional food any day!

My 5160 woodsman is used as a camp knife what one would use a SP-50 for but only a full tang knife, that gets lots of wipe down. No one gets to use that but me.

OKC Kurkri...yeah need another one of them.

According to the OKC catalog, the RD6 is still in production or batch production that is along with the SP-53 it looks like. I hope they still make that great knife, if they are going to keep a 5160 chopper in production, that is the best one. But glad I got my SP-51s when I did. One Ranger knife the RAK is a good suprising good knife. The choil looks "to big" but it really makes the knife a good all round knife even for bushy stuff. Since I need the spike I never bobbed it, the handle could be bigger a bit but that saber grind blade is just awesome.

To bad the RD TANTO gone bye bye, I got one on a whim last time I saw one...good thing I did, I replaced the one I gave away, who my brother uses it as his "Chopper" in the wilderhood as he likes to "minimize" stuff he carries. He hated to admit it but he found the SAW was the most important woodsy tool.


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Dec 24, 2019
The Cerberus fixed blade is a nice knife. Comfortable and a good cutter. Another knife i dont use as much as id like but thats only due to having too many choices.