Some OPK History


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Mar 11, 2008
Many years ago when I was a wet behind the ears kid I decided to go into the knife business. I loved knives and I was lucky enough to live a few kilometres away from a new and very enthusiastic knife maker named Chris Reeve.

I was spending a lot of time in the UK and I wanted to sell these unique one piece knives in Britain. Chris and I spent many hours talking about it and then we shook hands and off we went.

After placing my first ads in the well known quarterly magazine "Guns and Weapons User" I was asked by the editor of magazine to supply two knives for testing for an article.
The tester was a renowned hooligan who had recently tested and broken a Cold Steel Tanto (much to LT's irritation). So it was with some trepidation that I sent him the knives.

I spoke to Chris and we decided to send him a Jereboam and Tanto for him to play with. After the test the knives were returned to me and I shipped them back to Chris for a spa treatment. We then gifted them to the tester. He was delighted and amazed to see them in pristine condition again.
When the article came out we sold a lot of knives!

I recently found the original test and pictures and I thought that it may interest my mates here on the CRK forum. I have also included my original advert. I hope you enjoy reading them.:)

PS- Before anyone starts going nuts about the testing protocol please remember that this was 1986. None of this had ever been done before and true hard use knives were few and far between. So please remember the context of the times.



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Dec 10, 2006
Thanks for sharong my friend. Really enjoyed these.
Apr 27, 2017
I'm always shocked how cheap you can still get CRK OPK knives for. Sometimes as low as $450/$500. If you adjust for inflation, they are in some cases cheaper today in 2018 dollars then when they came out!

I suspect it's because most knife collectors prefer folders since it's easier for them to carry in their EDC rotation and people prefer to put their money into pieces that they can carry.