Spyderco Military S110V, Stretch Ivory straight spine Very Low Prices


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Apr 27, 2016
Hello, for sale today are 2 steeply discounted Spyderco folders. Both have damage but are still functional.
First to email or PM me gets priority [email protected]
I use PayPal. Shipping to the 50 US States only, no international. No trades at this time please. Thanks for looking.

Spyderco Military CPM S110V with a broken tip. Pried with the blade and paid for it by losing approximately half a centimeter. The G10 shows wear but is otherwise fully functional. Centering is great and action is nice and smooth. A new tip can be reground, I don't have the skill or time to repair it myself though. Comes with box
20200214_133505.jpg 20200214_133517.jpg 20200214_133529.jpg 20200214_133545.jpg 20200214_133609.jpg 20200214_133648.jpg
Stretch straight spine with ivory FRN. This knife took a fall at my workplace and took some chipping on the edge, along with some minor damage to the FRN. I removed much of the chipping with diamond Sharpmaker triangles, could use a good reprofile. Comes with box.
20200214_133716.jpg 20200214_133731.jpg 20200214_133743.jpg 20200214_133812.jpg
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