Photos Stlhead sent me this stunning pig sticker as the contest winner and I have to share my gratitude.


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Dec 13, 2012
Stlhead Stlhead ran a contest a few weeks ago. I posted my 2¢, and in his infinite wisdom, clarity, and magnanimous virtue he picked me as the winner. Long were the hours, and sleepless were the nights I awaited my bounty to arrive in the mail, and arrive it did. Upon seeing the big white USPS package languishing in my mailbox my pulse quickened and my eyes became like saucers. "What's this!" I exclaimed, knowing full well that savage hog Stlhead Stlhead had made good on his promise. Without even mixing my first michelada of the evening I tore open the box furiously, not caring a wit of the mess I made, and my hands became cut and bloodied as the cardboard sliced me a hundred times.

"What could it be?", my mind raced through my correspondence with the noble Stlhead Stlhead , his words flying across the pages of my mind as packaging paper flew everywhere. "100% Money back don't like it, too fucking bad..." I was sure to be presented with some beat up, abused user of a blade, bent and nearly broken from his thrashing, dull and worn, dirty and unloved.

The final paper fell away and the light from the waning sun glittered and glistened upon a G10 handle and a flawless gold colored blade. As I held it up it went snicker-snack through the air, the very fabric of space and time parted as the burnished gold blade shone like a thousand suns and every color from deep earth, red garnet, dark bronze, emerald green and pure gold sparkled, nearly blinding me, the edge flashing like a ephemeral palladium snake through the air leaving trails of silver in my eyes.

A Team Gemini Light Brigade Special Edition A2 in black and grey G10 with bronze crinkle...a masterpiece, flawless as the day it was born from the fires of Wauseon. A fine addition to the collection, and I couldn't be more thankful to be chosen for this stunning knife. Stlhead Stlhead , you already had my respect, but you now have my gratitude and loyalty. Thank you, my friend. Thank you.