Strider and a Hoback


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Apr 9, 2014
Price Includes Paypal G&S and shipping via USPS Priority to CONUS.
First person with an I'll take it 99% of the time gets it, but I can sell to whomever I want! Know your laws because I Don't. Please keep offers and questions to PM Thanksss

Jake Hoback Kwaiback MK4 - Was told the Ano work was done by Fanatic edge. It looks well done to me. Knife is smooth, solid, and centered. This one has a few small snail trails on the edges of scales, and clip. I will include pics.

$old (other knives in pics are gone)

Srider AR 75 - Took this in on a trade, while I would like to keep her, just probably wont make it to my pocket so im moving it along. Action is smooth and hydraulic, centered, and locks up like bank vault. A few marks here and there but the finish hides them well. 1 small mark on the blade above the slot but it is only seen at a certain angle. was hard to even photograph but it is there. knife only

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Aug 9, 2019
Any interest in trades for the Strider...have a CRK Umnumzaan I’d like to move
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC