TC Barlow Gabon Ebony


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Dec 3, 2015
Read the terms of this sale.

I take Venmo and Paypal. Price is $137 - sold and includes fees and shipping. Knife is new in tube, no blade play, good snap.

I would really like to trade it for some GEC stainless, must be new in tube with no blade play whatsoever and no backspring rap if it's one of the larger knives. To give the trade some time to happen, I'm going to wait until 10pm EDT before choosing an "I'll take it."

Rather than inflate the price to encourage a trade, when 10pm EDT arrives, if I don't have a trade offer, I will count how many "I'll take it" posts I have, write a number for each on a little piece of paper, crumple them up, put them in a container, shake it up, and draw one randomly and the person whose number I draw can buy it.

This ain't no auction, and I'm not going to take higher dollar offers, so that won't get you priority.


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