The craziest thing you've done?

Jun 1, 2016
As you may have guessed from the title, I pose this question to you all: what's the most not-for-knives thing you've ever done with a Busse or kin knife?
Last week, my brother and I got a tractor stuck after a significant rain. We followed the normal procedure, and gathered branches to shove underneath the back tires for traction. The problem? Not enough adequately-sized branches were on the ground! I grabbed my beloved NMFSH (thanks Jared!) from the truck and went to town chopping. That done, we noticed another problem: there was too much mud in the way of where the branches needed to be! I pushed the blade into the firm slop and started shoveling. I bumped into quite a few pebbles and rocks (not to mention the dulling soil), but I had the edge back to popping hairs within 10 minutes on a knife steel.

The short of it? I now have a shaving-sharp tactical shovel with its original tactical cardboard :D
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Feb 1, 2015
Very cool brother. My kind of usage right there. ...."What's that ya got there, a shovel, pick-axe, pry-bar?"....."Na....just a Busse"
Dec 20, 2010
Used a Rodent Solution to shot gun a beer in the Church parking lot before a buddies wedding. Not proud of that one but had to be done.
Dec 6, 2011
Well .......................... a couple of years back I was having a particularly $hitty day that had me in a mood to match . I took out a nice steak that was leftover from the BBQ the evening before , put some veggies with it , put it in the microwave to warm it up and turned to the fridge to grab myself a beer . That was quickly interrupted by a loud pop , a bright flash and a little smoke as my microwave pretty much blew up ruining everything in it .

So ..... I calmly put my dinner in the garbage , the glass plate and plastic ring from inside the microwave out in the recycle bin and picked up the microwave . I got that beer from the fridge , grabbed my Scrapyard Dog Father and headed out back where I placed said microwave on my wood splitting stump and then chopped it to shreds with the Dog Father .

But I'm MUCH better now :D
Nov 15, 2011
I was feeling no pain and had a fire going in my fireplace. Decided it would be a good idea to baton wood on the faux brick of the fireplace with my NMSFNO.

Took me a while to notice the damage I was doing...

The wife was not happy in the AM.

Probably that kind of stuff is why she is an ex wife now lmao.

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Jan 18, 2006
While I was still pretty new to Busse knives, it came down to testing one without bias. Lent 2 landscapers an almost brand new CGFBM to help with my completely overgrown property...and tried not to wince every time one of them bounced it off a rock (I was inside the house)...

She cleaned up well.

Since then, she's logged about 20,000 miles as my "goodwill" Mistress...

Jun 3, 2012
I took pretty pictures of my NMFSH, then placed it back in its tactical cardboard sheath and put it away
...clearly not what the knife was intended for
Mar 8, 2016