Tidioutes Only but Now Anyday


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Jul 26, 2008
Thanks Barrett! :) The only time these have every been run was June 2013. They ran a Spear main and a Clip main in each handle. Notice the STL in the model number! All steel! :thumbsup::D
#681213STL Clip Main
Antique Yellow Jig Bone - 64pcs
Nifebrite Acrylic - 46pcs
Ebony Wood - 52pcs
Rust Red Jig Bone - 61pcs

#682213STL Spear Main
Antique Yellow Jig Bone - 32pcs
Nifebrite Acrylic - 25pcs
Ebony Wood - 29pcs
Rust Red Jig Bone - 17pcs

Oh yeah! The three new ones are part of my 401Knife! :eek:;):D

Very cool, Ron! :thumbsup: I was going through my knife collection spreadsheet yesterday (‘cause who doesn’t have one of those? ;)) updating production totals on my 2018 knives and making sure I’d added all my more recent purchases. I started acquiring GEC’s in 2015, and while I have picked up some older knives here and there, for the most part my collection started with knives made in 2014-2015. Even though it’s only been a couple years, it’s still amazing to see the difference in production totals. Most of the 2014-2015 knives have production totals like that — 50 or so knives made in each handle material — while anything from the last couple years starts at at least 100 and could be as many as 500-600. I appreciate that GEC is adapting to the demand (things would be chaos if they were still only producing 50 of each knife), but it is a bit of a shame, not seeing those small numbers anymore.


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Oct 3, 2014