Traditional and Modern pairings


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Nov 28, 2018
That would be correct! Nice Agents Office Knife! I've got one. I think mine was an older offering with stag, some engraving and ATS-34 blade steel.
Figured it was a good time to take another pic of it with my newest acquisition.
Cool knife.:cool: Nice stag and the engraving really gives it a classy look. Is the engraving manufacturers work?


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May 10, 2013
That Bugout looks cool. Please tell me what all you did to it. :cool::thumbsup:

Thanks! First, I put a stonewashed finish on the blade. I did it poor man's style without a tumbler and just used the tumbling media (from Harbor Freight) in a container and shook it by hand for the better part of an hour. The scales are aftermarket micarta. I also ditched the deep carry clip and threw on a heavily used one I had from another Benchmade, and I stonewashed it a bit too for good measure. Finally just a leather lanyard and the "bead" is actually a brass fitting I picked up on the plumbing aisle of Ace Hardware. Overall just a fun little project to make it my own, and while it's not perfect I'm quite pleased with the results.