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Sep 11, 2021
I ended up finding these guys: https://www.redpigtools.com/CUSTOM-Order--Cambodian-Style-Farmer-Brush-Axe_p_1385.html

I ordered one (wait time was a month or so) and have used it. I'm pretty happy with it, the thing is a beast and I've been able to clear a good bit of brush with it. I can post some pictures later if you'd like.
Today I found and ordered one of these: https://siamblades.com/products/hand-forged-thai-sickle

This is the only Thai option I could find that ships to the US and Canada. I asked them to use something other than bamboo for the handle.

I'm still interested to see the tool you ordered from Red Pig as I may order one from their as well.
Mar 26, 2002
Im 60 years old. That one guy. In that one video. Has done more manual labor than I have done in my lifetime.


Also, how does one get rid of the water?

It would seem prone to flooding during monsoon season.

And, I’m guessing a lot of that steel is from a leaf spring from a 1970’s era Deuce and a Half.

Henry Beige

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Jun 1, 2015
A few thoughts:

Baryonyx has quite a selection of brush hooks and brush axes that would seem to apply themselves well to that kind of jungle work.

That downward dipping curved blade looks a lot like the Condor Engineer Bolo.. Put a longer handle on it and Bob’s your uncle.

One more idea. I would think that a guy with a Condor Bushman and some skill with a forge could approximate that shape.