What knife would you like to see next from CPK?


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Dec 1, 2016
as for a knife I'd like to see from CPK, it would be a non locking pocket knife like in the olden days

A CPK slipjoint? Now that would be an odd duck... Further thoughts though: lionSteel and Viper out of Maniago produce some very fine slip joints that are based on classic patterns but manufactured with modern materials like titanium and M390 - I suppose it isn't too far fetched to be hopeful for something similar out of CPK.

Coming from someone who carries a slipjoint every day, I'd be mightily curious if Nathan and crew ever tackled something like that.


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Mar 3, 2016
After now finally holding a dek... a uf/dek hybrid would be interesting (6 inch)
I totally agree, Dek ergos are just amazing. A shorter than 6" blade but with the blade being built like the UF, would be perfection for me.

That said, keep an eye out for the UF2, see what Nathan comes up with. Might be very similar to what you're hopeful for!
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