What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?


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Mar 25, 2012
Jun 5, 2009
Just peachy, Nick. You and Steve are setting this thread on fire with some of those old beauties, too.
Thanks Stuart! The old beauties are Steve’s. The 2 I posted today are GEC’s 78 and 66, not at all old. In fact, the 66 is brand new to me but I’ll take it as a compliment if they pass off as oldies in your eyes!

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
As much as I admire your White Wright Knight, the fisherman in me favors the Kent Fish Knife, Jack.

There are few fixed blades in there, Ron. That one is by Ed Love; incredibly light weight for its size. The 2OTs were upstairs when we were downstairs. I'll rectify that next time.

Buzzbait is correct, you've found a rainbow with a fabulous old knife mother lode at its end. Great blades and peachseed on that Schrade and the luscious bone on the barlow - sweet.

Thanks, and back at ya.

That's a handy looking hunter, Jeff. The blade looks more like a skinner (e.g., Sodbuster, Plow, Bull Nose) than drop point, but it could be the angle and it looks useful. I've not used ram handles when wet, but i like their looks.

Thanks, GT. Yes, the cutler is laying on his stomach on board attached to the grinding wheel. Out of your tremendous trio, I'm partial to the peanut.

Thanks, guys. That pair of 2OTs is pretty special, as they are the reason that I came to Blade Forums. And they are quite handsome, if I do brag. Yes, Dwight, they are like those very iconic boats (I love them!!) and, yes, Dylan, I understand they may have modeled for the Washington Jack.

Those are really beautiful knives, José.

Thanks, GT, just some old customs that I found in one of my piles. I enjoy honoring their makers. Yes, the snow persisted. I went out this moring at 11:00 a.m. and coame back in at 3:45 p.m. after a snowshovel-thon. Helped neighbors and then got our vehicles out, but our hill was still too icy to risk venturing out (regardless of 4x4).


I like that knife and that blade - so useful and compact.

Very handsome gunstock, Travis.

Beautiful Cases, guys. Love that walnut, Paul.

Just peachy, Nick. You and Steve are setting this thread on fire with some of those old beauties, too.

That Martini was a helpful restorative after a first day of the snow fall. I was "forked" after tending home fires, but nothing like the workout of today. Manhattans were the libation of choice tonight.


- Stuart

Thank you Stuart, it's on of several fishy knives @r8shell has gifted me :) That's a classy cutlery display my friend :thumbsup:
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