What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?


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Nov 8, 2014
My Plain Canoe for this week is a Rough Rider Diamond Jim:

My Fancy Canoe of the Week is a Böker Beer Barrel Canoe:

International Knife of the Week is an inexpensive Chinese Laguiole I bought in Denia, Spain and actually enjoy quite a lot:

Fine lot of knives Mr. Gary!!!;):thumbsup:


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Oct 6, 2017
I'm the same way about a guy's work truck. If the interior of his/her panel truck or work body is in order, I'm OK; if it's in disarray, I'm dismissive.

I'm gobsmacked, but glad that you shared it. Nice solid knife, Steve. (OK, ditch those old relics that you have been showing. I'll get my address to you somehow, sometime.)

More's the pity, Alan, but welcome back to Shiverville.

Well, SteveC SteveC is having a catharsis, it seems, but once I get his soon-to-be-neglected mother lode, you and I will be rollin'!

Man, that's nice, Dave. Just really nice!

Amen, brother. Other than they awkwardly ask,"Anyone have a knife?" I, then, say, "Why, you don't?" and offer to do whatever cutting is needed. Or go to my truck and get an inexpensive "truck knife" and loan/give it to them. With my condolences.

We'll, you are fitted out properly (and handsomely).

All three are gems, Harry, but I am drawn to the smooth bone Case. That's pretty special.

Thanks, Dylan, and ditto for your Moore Maker "wild hogbelly". That looks like a fanciful cross between a feral hog and a moose. It is a cutting machine.

Wooden wonders, Joshua.

That's so soothingly smooth, Paul. Thanks for sharing it and its comforting qualities.

- Stuart

Thanks Stuart!