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What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by jackknife, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. kai76

    kai76 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2009
  2. joeradza

    joeradza Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 6, 2014
    Taylor, it's the pic of your beautiful lambsfoot that has sent me down another rabbit hole.
    That is a superb looker Gary.
    Laurelbb, dc50, SVTFreak and 5 others like this.
  3. mitch4ging

    mitch4ging Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 16, 2015
    Both are such great examples, and look forward to seeing more photos!:cool:
    Such beautiful covers!!:):thumbsup:
    dc50, cigarrodog, kai76 and 1 other person like this.
  4. Fodderwing

    Fodderwing Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 31, 2017
    All three of you have wonderful specimens. But it's true, I've yet to see one I didn't like. :)

    And you ain't never lied when you say it is a reeeeeeeeeeaaal gem! That Paul is a sweetheart and knows a good man when he sees one. :cool:
    dc50, cigarrodog, Jack Black and 2 others like this.
  5. traumkommode

    traumkommode Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 3, 2015
    This is really cool. What is it?
    cigarrodog, kai76 and Fodderwing like this.
  6. r8shell

    r8shell Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Thanks. :)

    The only thing that improves a gem like that is it being a gift from a great guy like Paul. :thumbsup:
  7. Chief

    Chief Chief Master Sergeant USAF (ret) 1975-2000 Platinum Member

    Nov 15, 1998
    Thin, small, pinchable, and wicked sharp.

  8. Old Engineer

    Old Engineer Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 30, 2014
    If it has Half/Stops the ends of the blades will have Square Corners down at the pivots . If you somehow can knock off the square corners , you can help it some . You are better than pretty good mechanically Joey , I expect that you will figure out how to do that . I have also read that some people have used a Wedge to tap down into the well and spread it out a very , very , small amount to increase the Running Clearance . Some guys have seen where the are some sharp edges on the ends of the blades that are digging into other surfaces in the well . I myself have been most successful in clamping the blades in a wooden vice and just working the heck out of it until it wears in after making sure that the joints were clean and checking out the aforementioned issues . Good Luck my friend .

  9. Buzzbait

    Buzzbait Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 25, 2001
    That bone is incredible. So interesting looking.
    kai76 likes this.
  10. kai76

    kai76 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2009

    Thank you guys! It’s a Cattaraugus.
  11. SVTFreak

    SVTFreak Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    Thanks, Harry! I have to do more looking. It might be just pinned too tight. I also think I see a burr on the corners that might be contributing. I'll play with it more when I don't have 10 other projects wanting attention. Or need a free project lol!

    This one tonight. Really enjoy this knife. Mr AL packs a lot of blade into a slim, small chassis here. And love the blade combo that he graciously set me up with. The blades aren't krinked but ground to nest together. It's not perfect. Not relieved so shows some signs. A tiny bit of rub. Nothing that makes it any less a joy to have and use.

    JJ Cahill, peanutsxx, Spaten and 32 others like this.
  12. Atiger

    Atiger Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 7, 2016
    Thank you, the knife is a two-blade Case “Swayback Jack”. It’s single-blade brother is a “Swayback Gent”.
    cigarrodog likes this.
  13. Prester John

    Prester John Gold Member Basic Member Gold Member

    May 20, 2018
    For Monday:
    Ironwood lambsfoot, A. Wright & Son, Sheffield, England.


    Classic navaja from Albacete, Spain, with polished deer stag, by @ArtesaniaHerreros.

    How can I go wrong with these two?
  14. kai76

    kai76 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2009
    I’m really liking your pearl shadow knife Stuart. The shadow pattern looks good on most knives and most all cover materials whether natural or man made IMO. I was never really a fan of MOP but after seeing your classy pearl knives every Sunday, I finally own 1 pearl knife and it’s not going to be my last!
    Duckdog likes this.
  15. Will Power

    Will Power

    Jan 18, 2007
    Looks just right in that finish too:) Always like that Muslin Micarta, effective stuff:cool:

    Regards, Will
    Chief likes this.
  16. Will Power

    Will Power

    Jan 18, 2007
    It's in the work-bag: GEC 73 liner lock in Bonestag from early on.

  17. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Striking pair Taylor :thumbsup:

    Thank you very much Stuart :thumbsup:

    Very classy my friend :thumbsup:

    Great pic :thumbsup:

    :D :thumbsup:

    Super-gnarly stag Gary :) :thumbsup:

    Very stylish Gev :thumbsup:

    Excellent photo my friend :thumbsup:

    Those two look good together Rachel :thumbsup:

    Think I have that one ;) :thumbsup:


    Terrific twosome Vince :thumbsup:

    Morning folks, hope everyone has a good week :thumbsup:


  18. dc50

    dc50 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    Good Morning Friends! Todays carry is my ebony Lambsfoot.
  19. Chui-888

    Chui-888 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 10, 2012
    - despite being blown t' bits on a walk around part the Devon coast, my Willie Paulsen 'Native' at hand


  20. lutejones

    lutejones Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    After 5 years thinking I’ve lost it, and carrying almost exclusively a CASE 6308 whitttler and a CASE 6318PU medium stockman, I’m regaining intimacy with my GEC courthouse whittler #620311.
    It’s at the longest I like to EDC at 3 3/4 but is slim and light.
    I’ve reshaped the pen blade for whittling and reground all three to almost zero grind.
    I keep the main blade around 15dps with a fairly coarse working edge and the two small ones polished with low angle(whittling blade lowest)
    I’m getting better edge retention than with case’s 60’s era steel.

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