What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Amir Fleschwund

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Nov 29, 2008
Yes, indeed. Only doctor Who, or maybe Marty McFly can travel to Czechoslovakia, as it requires not only travel through space, but as well travel at least 27 years back in time. Czechoslovakia is no more. :p

Bareš is focusing mostly on hunting fixblades and folders, and quite frankly, I do not like their looks. But this particular model, both design and name, is a nod to the legacy of the Rebec family of cutlers, who had their shop in Sedlčany. Their cutler tradition dates back to napoleonic wars, when Rebec worked as an armourer before passing the craft down 4 generations. In 1920´s or 1930´s they had very popular folder nicknamed Rebec or Rebčák, that was reportedly in pocket of every butcher, fisherman, farmer and boy:


There were 4 brothers in the last generation, one of them was executed with his wife by occupying nazis for aiding the Anthropoid commando, that carried out assasination of Heydrich - main architect of the holocaust. It is heartbreaking to read the words he managed to smuggle out of the prison written on a toilet paper informing his 8 year old son that they are in the place very few return from and instructing him to stay strong, keep his head up, take care of his 2 years old sister, to behave well and study hard to become a good cutler one day. "It´s war and that requires sacrifices" he wrote, "how could we demand to be spared from making a sacrifice ourselves?" Men and women were made of different matter those days, I guess.

Their business was forced to shut down in 1950 by the comminist regime, that did not favour private businesses. Machines, technology and stockpiles of Rebec´s shop and of other cutlers in region was were confiscated and united under KDS, state owned company residing in the same town. The company is still in operation to this day, private again, and producing virtually the same knife under name peasant knife:

But I am digresing way too much. Just a cool story that I found out about only beacuse you asked. Thank you! Tought I would share it. Suddenly I value that knife even more.
Thanks for taking the time to type that up! My maternal grandmother’s parents emigrated from there to escape the occupation.

Giving a neglected knife and my least favorite color some attention and pocket time today.

I like that neglected dogleg jack, color and all. It matches your Bart Simpson mug perfectly.

I typically like to carry a single blade knife in the back pocket and a multi blade knife in the front pocket daily.
Yesterday was a GEC 72LB and an Imperial USA.
Today it was an AG Russell and a Case Bros. View attachment 1175680 View attachment 1175681
Yikes! Those are nice.
Jun 10, 2011
Best wishes to your daughter for a quick and complete recuperation. That looks like a fine "worry stone".
- Stuart
Thanks, Stuart! I'm carrying it again today, and you're right. That scalloped back is a satisfying thumb rest and place to "worry away".