Why no pocket clips for SAK , as a factory option ?

Jan 29, 2016
o_O Inertia of tradition ? Aesthetics ? Cult dogma ? :confused:

There is a "Money Clip" SAK and some aftermarket add on clips that use the keychain for some models .

Just curious ! Not a burning issue for me .

I have a nice RangerGrip that I fixed up with a big fob , but still miss having a clip . :(

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Dec 17, 2015
I guess that a clip wouldn't be easily removable in Victorinox multitools and they are afraid that that would alienate too many of their regular costumers who like like to carry the knives deep in the pocket. In fact, in some places (e.g., NYC) having a knife clipped to your pocket is asking for trouble. For those folks, a clip only gets in the way.

If you really want a clip, I believe that the Sentinel has a clip, or maybe get new scales for a Sentinel and try it on your knife. There was also a gofundme (maybe?) idea some time around for a clip for 84/91 sizes of victorinox multitools, but I'm not sure about the 111mm size.
Nov 7, 2005
i m guessing firstly, it would add to the cost.
and second, the scales on most sak's are
"plastic". and any sorta metal screws
which are "screwed" into plastic threads
isn't ideal. ideally, materials of both the male
and female sides of the threads should be of similar material density.
besides, the scales are attached via a snap
on method. which could and likely pop out
in due time with enough given force or produce damage like fractures to its plastic tabs.
and lets not forget a sak's weight considerations that gravity and movement places upon those tabs... not great for thick
layered and heavier models, i m afraid!
structually, a sak can function minus its
scales. its there for aesthetics and egornomic reasons.
maybe only the alox models would work
with screwed on attachments.
having said that, i do agree that a pocket
clip is one feature on an SAK that would
be highly appreciated by those who love
this feature.
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Aug 9, 2010
I have a Sentinal with a factory pocket clip. It's a 111 mm single blade with T & T makes a nice food prep knife when camping nut otherwise it rarely gets used. So, Vic does have them but there is probably not the demand you imagine or it would be available on more models.
Jun 18, 2000
I've learned a long time ago that there's no method to the madness with Victorinox.

Why not have an ink pen with every medium or large model?
Why not have all the models that have a hook also have the backside of the hook as a nail file, like the Compact model has?
Why not have every corkscrew model come with the mini-screwdriver?

I'm sure there is reason, but it's a mystery to me.