*Winner- StrangeDaze* Beckerhead Bag-O-Swag Giveaway!!


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Jan 5, 2012
Time for a Giveaway!!

OK, here’s the deal.
Ka-Bar and Ethan are always so generous with the swag they send out to the Beckerhead gatherings. The BeckerWest Spring gathering was no exception. I left with a very nice Swag Pack to give away to some lucky Beckerhead here on the forums.

I was gonna post a pic, but then thought it might be fun to leave the prize shrouded in mystery. I’ll tell you this...any Beckerhead would be stoked to win this prize. It’s full of Ka-Bar and Beckerhead goodness! 8 items total.

The winner will most definitely be the envy fellow Beckerheads, neighbors, friends, and young and old men alike.:D

We at BeckerWest always appreciate the generosity shown by Ethan and Ka-Bar, but we also enjoy sharing the spoils with our fellow Beckerheads.

Rules are simple:

1. Post “I’m in” or something of the like.
2. Include your Beckerhead #.(Membership has it’s privileges)
3. Don’t thank me or any of the other BeckerWest crew. Thank Ethan and Ka-Bar for being so awesome and so generous.
4. Include any comments or pics as you see fit.
5. I ask that the winner posts a pic once received.

I’ll run this for a couple weeks and then draw a random winner. The big Bag-O-Swag will be shipped USPS Priority.

Thanks to everyone who keeps this sub-forum one of the coolest places on the interwebz!


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Sep 2, 2013
“I’m in” or something of the like.
Thank you Ethan and Kabar for your service and generosity!!
Apparently, Snoopy out ranks me.

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Mar 11, 2011
I'm in, kabar krew #029 I've actually forgotten what my beckerhead number is.
Unless my eyes are deceiving me, I don't see your username on the Beckerhead list. You sure you ever had one? Change your username? I personally don't remember you, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm old, and forgetful.

And how does one forget their Beckerhead number?