Zack Buck, T.M.Hunt and BLADE


Jan 15, 2012
Hey gang, for anyone going to Blade, if you want to meet Zack Buck, from the Discovery channel's Naked and Afraid, he will be helping me work my table this year. Zack is the star of the Naked and Afraid episode, The Edge of Madness where he made the 21 day challenge (14 by himself) with nothing but a T.M.Hunt M-18. Zack and I have become pretty good friends over the last few months and while he will be hanging out periodically throughout the weekend, I have him scheduled for Saturday 1:00 to 3:00 for anyone that wishes to come by for pics, autographs, or just to talk and ask about his experiences.

Also, special guest of T.M.Hunt will include other Naked and Afraid stars Shane Lewis, Dani Beau, and E.J. Snyder. I did not schedule times for them, because they will be coming with E.J. (the only one of them I know) E.J. has responsibilities with TOPS knives so scheduling probably wont be determined until the show.

So, come on by, and chew the fat, table 11AA. Should be a good time.
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