10 for sale, BM, Lionsteel, ZT, Guardian, Buck, We, L.Mah & Freeman


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Mar 28, 2001
  • No trades
  • Prices include Priority shipping within the US. Will do International if we've dealt before, buyer pays shipping.
  • Prices include any associated processing fees.
  • Payment via Square, Venmo or Paypal.
  • While I recommend claiming via post, the first commitment via Post, PM or email gets it. [email protected]
  • Please do not post discussion on my wall.
  • If you want multiples I will discount each additional knife by $6
  • Please don't claim the knife here then email me questions. It's not fair to others and I will go on to the next buyer.
Thanks for looking!

Benchmade 87 Played with but never cut a thing. I'm more of a utility flipper, I know opening and closings for the purpose of using the knife. Never dropped, no rattles very smooth. One small nick in the safe handle. Includes box, paperwork and cloth bag. SOLD $380 SOLD

Freeman 451 KnifeArt Exclusive Carbon Fiber Carried and used but no signs of wear. Excellent factory polished edge is still razor sharp. S45VN edge, fires strong with that hydraulic feel, rock solid lockup, drop shut action, blade centered. Amazingly light weight for the size. Includes box, baggie & foam. SOLD $220 SOLD

We Jixx New and unused. Very strong firing, engages about 40% with rock solid lockup, almost drop shut, M390steel, blade centered. Perfect all around. Includes box, pouch, paperwork. SOLD $135 SOLD

Buck Marksman New and unused, played with a little but can't tell. Blade is centered, locks up rock solid. Nothing negative to report. Includes Box, tools and paperwork. SOLD $80 SOLD

Liong Mah Hawk Titanium
Carried a bit and edge was refined on a Sharpmaker. Fires strong, blade centered, rock solid lockup, engages about 25%. No marks or signs of use other than a scuff on the show side near the pivot. Includes pouch, patch, cloth, business card.

Benchmade Small Pink Griptilian
New and unused, came in hang packaging that's long gone but it's been in storage since buying. Blade slightly off center but I didn't try to adjust it out, no rubbing. Rock solid lockup. Includes bubble wrap pouch.

We Mote
New and unused, fires strong, prefers more of a push than light switch, rock solid lock, 40% engagement, blade centered. I love this little knife just a bit small for me. The polished back spacer really sets it off. Includes box, pouch, paperwork and stickers.

Lionsteel Titanium Thrill
New and unused, blade centered, hidden clip functions great, excellent action. Dark spot on show side near pivot was just some foam dust from the insert, wiped it off. Includes box and paperwork.
SOLD $155, reduced to $145 SOLD

Guardian Helix Nano
Carried a bit used a little, very near new condition. Blade centered, fires strong, locks rock solid, engages about 40-50%. Includes box and paperwork.
$150, reduced to $140


ZT 0470
New and unused, never carried. Blade just a hair off center to my eye, looks centered at some angles, fires strong, lock engages 50-55%, rock solid lockup. Includes box, packaging & paperwork.
$160, reduced to $150 ***SOLD***


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Nov 23, 2011
I will take WE Jixx for $135
is the email you posted your Paypal, if not please provide Paypal for payment
Thank you
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Nov 23, 2011
Payment made on WE Jixx. Please acknowledge receipt of funds either here or to my email.
Thank you
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Apr 16, 2017
I’ll take the small pink Mel Pardue gripTilian.
Confirm that it’s mine and I’ll send you payment.
Thanks so much.
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