112 Ranger Slim Pro Review?

Discussion in 'Buck Knives' started by Joe58, Oct 17, 2020.

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    It only takes an air gap of 1/ 1000th of an inch to allow for free movement and not bind. You can’t hardly feel or see that small of a gap, you would need a micrometer to measure that close of tolerance. I could be mistaken but I’m sure that bushing was sized to allow for the air gap and no need for washers. And a bigger gap just allows for larger amount of contaminants to get in.
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    I’d agree that adding washers is something not needed on this knife. Especially as it is intended to be slanted more to lighter duties over the standard made versions using the heavier frame and construction. I’m sure if Buck felt they were a useful addition, they’d of used them, as the added cost for them per knife would have been about nil.

    Naturally, inserting the washers in there does increase the size of the air gap. But, that is going to be true of just about any knife running on washers, or bearings.

    I looked at a few of the knives I have handy from various makers that are employing washers. A Benchmade Bone Collector, a Spyderco Native, Fantoni Hide, a Sebenza, and they all have that bit of a larger gap due to the thickness of the washers. On my Vantage Force Pro there’s a gap too but I couldn’t tell for sure just looking in there if it has washers, or just a bushing, without taking it apart. Looks kind of like a bushing. Not certain though and I didn’t want to take it apart just to see.

    A guy is just going to need to keep the knife cleaned out now and then and well lubricated to flush out the grit and grime that’ll get into any knife that you carry. Or, have many, many, knives to rotate through so none get cruddy. Lol. Could be a viable excuse as to why you need to buy more knives. The one your carrying now is dirty. :)
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    Thx for the info @Joe58 ! My 112 Pro should arrive this week. It’ll be put to hard use in my hands for sure. Mail, string, packing tape, and even the odd cardboard box now and then. I hope she survives w/o washers, lol.

    Do you happen to have the dimensions of the washers you added in case I decide to tinker with mine down the road?
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    I’ll measure them tomorrow and pm you.
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    Doesn’t look like I can Pm you. Here’s what I used.

    E3E6D0BF-00D7-4AD0-8F58-137CA1D77B1B.jpeg C45CB0A4-E2D0-4B4B-BB5D-62EAF42E9702.jpeg
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    Hi Joe58. Thanks so much for showing us the pivot system on the new Ranger... if you get the chance could you please measure the diameter of the pivot screw?
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    G10 and CF 112s. G10 has s35vn and CF has s30v. 20210109_113504.jpg 20210109_113514.jpg 20210109_113547.jpg 20210109_113600.jpg 20210109_113912.jpg 20210109_113920.jpg 20210109_113955.jpg 20210109_114001.jpg 20210109_114019.jpg


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    did you make the screws to bolt the knife back together?
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    Came from Buck that way.
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