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A Rescued Hunter - Terry Vandeventer

Discussion in 'Custom & Handmade Knives' started by Jsega51, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Jsega51

    Jsega51 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    In my continued search to become more familiar with ABS makers and build my collection, I came across a hunter made by Terry Vandeventer that looked like it needed a new home. It was described as never used but it was pretty stained and pitted from lack of care, plus it didn’t have the original sheath.

    Admittedly, prior to this I hadn’t yet become aware of Terry’s work but after some browsing and research it was quite clear that he’s well respected and regarded in many areas. I decided to give him a call about the knife I was looking at and he was more than friendly, also excited that I was interested in saving a previous knife of his. We talked for a while and he told me to buy the knife and send it down to him, he wanted to give it a good once over.

    When I got the knife from the previous owner, it wasn’t as bad as the pictures showed but there were still some areas of concern. Well, that obviously wasn’t an issue for Terry because the knife just showed up and it’s like new again, and with a new sheath! The 1084 has a hamon which is very hard to capture in the pictures but the Acacia Burl simply steals the show.

    If you’d like to share any of your knives from Terry, feel free!

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  2. navman

    navman Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2013
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  3. Lorien

    Lorien Moderator Moderator

    Dec 5, 2005
    I've been a long time admirer of his work. Nice knife!
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  4. The Shatz

    The Shatz Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 1, 2017
    Good looking knife love the blade taper
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  5. Lhpanther

    Lhpanther Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 2, 2014
    Terry makes fantastic knives....like really really good. You scored on that one. He’s very passionate about his work. He’s also a huge fan of snakes, ask him for some snake stories :eek:
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  6. Jon Brand

    Jon Brand

    May 28, 2007
    Lovely hunter. Hes a great maker and one of the friendliest in the scene. I owned an elaborate Bowie of his for a while and it was an incredible piece I wish I still had.
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  7. Jsega51

    Jsega51 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    Thanks for the comments guys. :thumbsup:

    The whole knife has such a streamlined feel to it and the wood even feels soft. It’s gotta be that taper!

    No snake stories when I talked with him yesterday, although I did hear about a funny shaving moment...with a bowie :D

    I would love to get a knife with all the bells and whistles from him in the future. :thumbsup:
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