Spyderco All Sold!! Thanks BF!!


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Dec 16, 2019
03790E18-8E57-457F-B334-D84D461C44F3.jpeg 6D4A7FDD-974D-4365-8159-08AF98A17131.jpeg CE1262C6-7423-46AD-9ADB-DB2F98238F00.jpeg C41252DF-1E2D-4A24-B7E7-84A91E786D7B.jpeg 45F0BFAA-5C32-494E-80E0-1EE6CF84C9A4.jpeg 195E460B-3C75-4A4C-8533-B3BE3FE7325B.jpeg 10398A8D-8F22-4A71-B35C-89D4BFD35317.jpeg Hey folks, got some good users for you here, though most have never been used at all. No boxes, but all are in excellent condition. The only ones that have actually been carried are the Manbug and the Para 3 Lightweight, and were only used to open a couple of boxes and mail. All the others have just been in The Drawer. Action, centering and lockup is near perfect on all except the Para 3 which is slightly off center (pic included)
Prices are shipped and insured TYD, CONUS delivery only. PayPal USD. First “I’ll take it” In This Thread gets it, pending funds. I don’t really check my profile posts so if you do post there and I don’t respond, that’s why. Please PM me with any questions. I may be willing to drop the prices if you want to bundle two or more of these. Thanks for looking!
Also I would like to thank everyone who has bought any knives from me recently. It has been a big help. I never plan on selling anything (which is why I rarely have boxes haha), but I’ve been out of work with a hernia repair and the extra cash definitely helps. Not trying to garner sympathy or start a Go Fund Me or anything, but just really wanted to express my gratitude. Thanks again!

Q-Ball- $old!!

Para 3 Lightweight- $old!!

K390 Delica- $old!!

Stretch 2 in V Toku 2/ SUS410 Sold!!

Police 4 Lightweight- $Old!!

Native 5- $old!!

Orange FRN Dragonfly- $old!!

Manbug in V Toku 2/ SUS 410- $40- I carried this on my key ring but honestly I can’t remember ever using it. I’m throwing in the split ring! What a bargain...- 03790E18-8E57-457F-B334-D84D461C44F3.jpeg
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