Black Bowie

Dec 24, 2005
Newly completed knife and sheath I'd like to share.
Blade is 1/4" thick ATS34, full flat grind with a convex edge. Hand satin finished to 600 gt.
Guard and ferrule are 416 SS acid etched in ferric. Pins in ferrule are nickle silver and thin spacers either side polished stainless.
Handle is a solid block of G10.
Over all length a tad over 15" with a 10" blade.

Modern Bowie. by Peter Del Raso, on Flickr

G10 Handle by Peter Del Raso, on Flickr

Black G10 Handles by Peter Del Raso, on Flickr

G10 Bowie by Peter Del Raso, on Flickr

bowie sheath by Peter Del Raso, on Flickr
Feb 15, 2006
Stellar execution as always!
Well done Mr Del Raso!
Aussie hobby maker here that's seen a fair bit of your work over the years, and been the recipient of some sage advice from you in person, and I know how hard it is to make a knife that nice.
I must say though, for me one the most impressive parts executed on this, top shelf build, is that pristine transition betwwen choil and ricasso!, crisp, well designed,...even the scratch pattern was perfect.
Makers like you, inspire the rest of us to practice!
Thank you!


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Oct 8, 2001
Heads-up: SUPERSTAR in the room!

Peter, you make black G10 more attractive then anyone can. That satin finish, tho... 😲

Great thread!
Dec 24, 2005
Thank you so much for your comments Gents. Showed them to the missus but she quickly brought me back down to earth. Still limping🤣😂🤣