BladesWeLove ZT 450(sold) and (PM2 sold)

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Oct 27, 2012
I have a couple knives for sale. Good prices on both to move them fast. All prices are PP G&S and will be shipped priority in the lower 48. Thanks for looking.

First is a BladesWeLove custom ano ZT 0450 in the flowmascus pattern. Absolutely amazing knife with one of the best actions ever on a production blade. Drops shut, great lockup and perfectly centered. Has been carried once or twice and maybe has cut open and envelope or two. A forum member pointed out a couple smudges on the ano and I tried to use Windex to get them out but they are still there. I'm going to call it ano wear and adjust the price to $sold. I paid $195 for this 4 months ago.

Bladeswelove ZT 0450

Next is a Spyderco PM 2. I bought this off the forums with no box or papers. The stated condition was a user but if it was used then it was used lightly. Lockup is great, has a bit of a stiff detent and favors the show side slightly. Asking $sold for it.

Spyderco PM2
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