Blue m390 and tan 20cv PM2s

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May 27, 2009
I have a blue M390 BBS exclusive pm2 .i have never carried this. Clip is in the factory position. Has box and paper work. This is from an earlier run. $170 shipped.

Next is a DLT exclusive tan 20cv pm2. I carried this knife for a couple days and opened some amazon boxes. At some point along the way the very tippy tip chipped. I contemplated putting it on the wicked edge but I knew I wasn’t going to keep this and wanted the new owner to decide what they want to do with it. The edge is factory sharp. This will sharpen out very easily and you will never be able to tell. Barely shows up in pics. Clip had been moved to tip up. $145 shipped.

PayPal GS only. Will ship next day after payment.
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