Boker Lateralus / Endura / Titanium front flipper

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Feb 13, 2014
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Not intrested in any offers thank you! Price includes shipping and fees

Endura - Zome handle, serrated, used and carried. Has scracthes and marks. Centering and lockup are good $3 SOLD8 shipped

Boker Lateralus- Also used and carried. blade has wear. blade is offcenter a bit. Solid lockup. Smooth action and good detent. $50 shipped

Lionsteel sr2 not for sale

Last, a two suns titanium front flipper- fantastic front flipper knife for the money. Full titanium with a steel lock face, on bearings. Solid lockup, centering is dead center, great detent and very smooth, flips great. $4sold 0 shipped, it was used and carried, has marks on blade

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