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    Jul 17, 2009
    I can't share this over in any of the main areas of BF due to "Charity Promotion Rules" So I am posting it here...

    You are probably already familiar with the "Edge Out Project" that Brian Goode started, I branched off and started one in my County. I have been very lucky to have a TON of participation and have already reached our base goal of $2000 thanks to VERY generous donations from you! My event will not happen until August 2014 so we have plenty of time to increase that number.

    Brian's Edge Out Project event is May 16th 2014 and they have a Long way to go! Which means the odds are highly in your favor to win custom knives... (Raised $180 of the $2000 right now) Here is their Facebood Team Page: CLICK ME

    Here is the finished Knife I am donating to Brian Goodman's Edge Out Project Team: FB LINK: (

    Edge Out Project - Bird & Trout Specs:
    Steel: 3/16" Random Damascus (Randy Haas)
    OAL: 7.5" Blade: 3.5"
    Handle: Donated Green Box Elder (Brian Workman) and Mamoth Ivory Bolster
    Sheath: Ambidextrous horizontal tooled leather


    Calculate the odds, and help a great cause Donate now:
    $5 = 1 Raffle Entry
    $25 = 6 Raffle Entries
    $50 = 15 Raffle Entries
    $100 = 40 Raffle Entries

    Donate here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WINNER <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  2. RyanW

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    Jul 17, 2009
    I believe there will be 3 knives being Raffled off so that means 4 winners... I will get any updates about the other knives as soon as I have some photos

    Brian Goode's Knife:

    Tom's Knife:

    Ryan W. Knife:
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    Oct 3, 2003
    Thanks for the help my man!!!! Ill be grinding my knife this weekend :)

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