Clearing out excess, 18 high end knives great prices


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Mar 28, 2001
When I started setting up at knife shows for my sheath work I was building packages to sell and amassed quite an inventory. I am no longer doing this, or at least as much, and need to clear a bunch out.

First come first served, prices are shipped to your door, payment via Paypal, Venmo or Square.

US or Canada only on these ones and I will not ship to a 3rd party shipper. Shipping to Canada will be more to cover increased shipping cost.

I prefer contact through PM but email is fine if you are not a gold member. You must include your BladeForums Alias with all emails so I know who I am talking to.

Email: [email protected]

In an effort to keep the post clean I am keeping details to a minimum. All knives are in new or as new condition and any flaws will be mentioned. Most of the sheaths have the model of the knife written on the back. What is in the picture is what's included, I did not keep boxes. If you need specifics feel free to reach out but keep in mind first commitment gets them.

Only trades would be for the two knives in my signature.


3: Benchmade Sibert Bushcraft, New, $140 (**SOLD**)
6: Esee RB3 Bolieu, New but small spot of patina near tip, $80 (**SOLD**)
13: Dozier NY Special, used, few light marks, $190 (**SOLD**)

20: Battle Horse Knives, Panteao Productions, New, $225

1: Chris Reeve Nyala Drop Point, As new, includes one of my sheaths that's seen some use ($85 value if new) and OEM, $200 (**SOLD**)
2: Chris Reeve Nyala Insingo, New, early DLC Coated, $180 (**SOLD**)
4: Esee 4 modified handle, New, $65 (**SOLD**)
5: Esee 3 modified handle, New, $65 (***SOLD***)
7: Tops Brakimo, New, $85 (**SOLD**)

8: Fallkniven Idun, couple of minor handling marks, $210 (***SOLD***)
9: Esee 4, New, cannot find sheath so including a nice kydex lined nylon one from an old Busse, $65 (**SOLD**)
10: Fallkniven Frej, New, $230 (***SOLD***)
11: Tops Perseverance Survival, New, $100 (***SOLD***)
12: Brous Threat, light use, $80 (**SOLD**)

14: Dozier Improved Pro Skinner, New, $225 (***SOLD***)
15: Microtech ADO, used, sharpened, kydex marks, 3 sheaths, no clip for original, $150 (**SOLD**)
16: Enzo Necker 70 - (***GONE***)
17: Withdrawn
18: Withdrawn
19: Cold Steel Trail Master, O1, New, $90 (**SOLD**)

21: Bark River Cub, 3V, New in box, $185 (***SOLD***)




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Aug 4, 2019

I will take 4, 7, 9 and 19. Please email me regarding shipping to Canada. drazenlukic1(at)gmail(dot)com