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Feb 13, 2007
Welcome to the first pre-order of 2020.

Please post only one time to this thread. Please do not make multiple posts or chat. This is my order list and it needs to stay simple and uncluttered or it isn't going to work.

I'm locking this to give folks a chance to read it before jumping into it. This will unlock today (Friday) at 5:00 EST

I'm making this list because folks have requested it. I think pre-orders can be a bad idea but so far our pre-orders have run pretty smooth. I intend to start shipping these before the end of the year, but please don't participate if you're uneasy paying in advance for your knife to be made and waiting possibly a year or more for this order to be completed. Also, we do not stop everything we're doing to process a pre-order, so you will see other knives being made and sold while this order is processed.

Here are some pictures that some folks have taken of their pre-production DEK1 in different configurations.

















^ that is the pre-production version, but the production version is essentially identical. We made a few tweaks to the manufacturing process and some things like the scales tool paths and the hidden lanyard were tweaked a bit but the pre-production DEK1 we released are practically identical to the finial production build.

The 4" DEK1 was designed as a collaboration with Lorien Arnold. It is a well made, high performance, medium size EDC utility knife that is a little dressier than most of our other offerings. The steel is Crucible CPM 3V at HRC 60.5 with a fully optimized heat treat with very good edge retention and edge stability. You'll be surprised how sharp this gets and how well it holds an edge. If you have never used highly optimized 3V this hard and thin, it will blow your mind.

A side effect of this heat treat is a higher percentage of free chromium, so although it is not stainless, it is nearly so.

This steel with this heat treat will support a fine edge, so this has narrow primary grinds and was taken under .020" before sharpening and it was sharpened 20 degrees per side. This is a fine cutting edge, but this knife is extremely durable. They're lightly hand ground after machining to give it a slight convex S grind. For a practically unbreakable knife it cuts like a laser. I'll do a video when I get a chance, I promise you'll be impressed with this knife's cutting ability and durability.

It balances between the first two fingers and is intended to be carried as a practical EDC utility knife, but the DEK1 is also specifically designed to be used as a weapon with a hand grip shaped specifically to lock into the shape on the inside of your hand grip when held across the palm at an angle (saber grip) and 90 degrees to the arm when held point down, edge out, with the thumb over the butt (reverse grip) with swells, cutouts, ramps and moderate jimping assuring a very solid reliable grip that indexes into position without looking at it and does not shift around with vigorous "use". Despite lacking a reinforced point or appearing menacing, this is a serious weapon.

Price includes a good kydex sheath. We have a good general purpose sheath with TecLoc that can be configured for vertical and horizontal carry, and we're working on some possible additional sheath options that may be available to you when we ship, if so Jo will clarify your preferences before shipping.

Here are the specs:

Delta 3V, 60-61 HRC, .160" thick at ricasso (a little over 5/32")
Total length 9.125
Blade length 4.5
Weight 6.2 oz
Edge angle 20 DPS
Grippy 3D machined scales in micarta or G10
Titanium fasteners
Hidden lanyard

These are all "field grade", machined and tumbled with tool and grind marks. However they're given a light hand ground convexed S grind before tumbling.

Basic vanilla configuration, with sheath, does not include shipping:
$295 in canvas micarta, black or natural

^This is a very good value for this knife and is the configuration that I recommend.

Optional add ons available in addition to plain vanilla:
Penetrator tip $25
Swedge (milled) $45
Acid wash (will show wear with use) $50
Satin grind after tumble (super clean 220 grit hand ground finish) $125
Acid wash and satin grind the primary $150
AEBL semi stainless steel with optimized heat treat rather than Delta 3V subtract $20
Make my titanium fasteners pretty and blue $15

Scales, substitute for basic micarta:
Black Linen micarta $10
Green and Black Linen micarta $15
Red and Black Linen micarta $15
Double Black canvas micarta $10
OD green micarta $10
Double Red canvas micarta (maroon) $20
Burlap micarta $20
OD green or Black G10 $10
Terotuf (grey or bright green or OD green) $20
Ebonite hard rubber $25
Edge cut antique Micarta $100
Mystery wood (prolly something really crappy like salvaged press board from a trailer park tornado) $150

Shipping in the USA is $12. Multiples do not accrue additional shipping.

Price includes an excellent kydex sheath.

Here is the order process:

Post your order on this thread. This thread is my order list. You can edit your post as necessary.

I'm going to take full payment in advance and hold your money. This is a terrible policy, I don't generally recommend it. But that's how my pre-orders work. I've been around a while, my shop is an incorporated business established in 2001, so I'm probably not going anywhere. I will ship your knife when it's finished. Once your order is confirmed there are no refunds, changes or cancellations.

As I'm building these, some of the knives made will go to this pre-order and some will be sold in regular sales. This means you will see knives being sold while you're waiting for your knife.

When you place your order, it will sit on the order thread for a day or more before you send your email finalizing your order. In that time frame you can edit your post and change your order. Once you send Jo an email confirming your order it is finalized. Please don't add changes after-the-fact because it is this sort of thing that has made lists unmanageable in the past.

Unless the numbers get crazy I'll leave this list up for a week.

Once you are certain about your order please send an email to Jo at jocarothers (at) gmail (dot) com. A good subject line would be: "DEK1 Pre-order, post number #X"

Please include the following information in your email:

1: Your post number on this sale thread.
2: Bladeforums name. (for example "Jo the Machinist")
3: Real Name.
4: PayPal email address so we can send a paypal invoice (or ask about other payment options).
5: Shipping address.
6: Your desired configuration and options such as scales, finish and steel.
7: Any questions you may have or special instructions.

Once we receive this information, if everything is there, we will send you a PayPal invoice. If information is missing or you have additional questions, Jo will reply to your email. When your email is read and processed she will send you a reply letting you know we've received your information.

If, after a while, you don't hear from us and we don't hear from you, something is getting lost in the interwebs or spam filters. So if you haven't confirmed your order and received your invoice after a week or two you should contact Jo at carothers knives at gmail dought com.
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Mar 20, 2016
In for three please:

- D3V steel: Satin finish, black mystery wood scales with shiny Ti hardware (no kydex sheath please, leather option added).

- D3V steel: ECAM scales (darkest possible please) and matte Ti hardware (kydex sheath is fine).

- D3V steel: acid wash with satin flats, swedge and penetrator tip, black/gray Terotuf scales plus blue Ti hardware (no kydex sheath please, leather option added).

If collaborating with one of our fine craftsmen on offering leather sheaths as an added option, I will take a couple of leather sheaths for my satin finish orders :thumbsup:

This is my finalized preorder list. Thank you Momma NinJo :)

Paid on 8/07/2020

order in process
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Dec 13, 2011
1 dek-1, basic knife (d3v, basic finish), buffed black linen, blue screws.

1 dek-1, basic knife, basic unbuffed black scales, d3v.

Would like 2x additional sheaths, if possible.

Will email Jo today.


2/9 shipping
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