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DART EDC Pre-order Thread -Orders Closed

Discussion in 'Evans Knife and Tool' started by Brian.Evans, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Brian.Evans

    Brian.Evans Registered Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    This is the main order thread for my DART EDC.* I am really excited about this knife. I carry one exactly like it every day.* If I didn't think it was a great pattern it wouldn't be my personal EDC.* I have mine in a neck sheath, which means I have it with me even when I don't have pants on.* Don't worry, no pictures of that in this thread!* No one wants to see that, as my kids tell me every day.....

    Like every knife I sell, it comes with my unconditional, no matter what, guarantee:
    "If it breaks I will repair or replace it at no cost, for as long as I'm making knives.* No matter what.* The guarantee follows the knife.* I don't care if you're the fourth owner, the knife is still covered.* If it has my signature on the blade, it's covered."*

    Once you get the knife, you're going to carry it all the time.* You won't want to put it down.* So what happens when the knife starts to look used??* Send it in for a free spa treatment!* You can do this as many times as you want.* What happens to your knife in the spa?

    Spa Treatment
    1.* It gets sharpened.
    2.* The handle gets buffed.
    3.* It gets cucumbers put over its eyes and gets put in a mud bath.

    You only get to pick two of the above options.* Choose wisely.

    Specifications for the Standard Model:
    Steel:* CPM20CV, Crucible's version of B-U M390
    Thickness: 1/8"
    Overall Length: 6"
    Blade Length: 2 1/2"

    Kydex sheath by Hale Storm Custom Kydex included with every knife.* These are molded to each knife specifically and are guaranteed not to rattle like a mass produced sheath might.**
    Standard Colors: Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, or Desert Tan
    Upgrade Colors: Gunmetal Gray, Hunter Orange, Hot Pink, Police Blue, or Zombie Green
    Upgrade Patterns: ACU Digital Camo, Desert Tan Digital Camo, 6-Color Desert Camo (Desert Storm pattern), SuperCam/MultiCam, or Dutch Woodland Camo

    The steel I've chosen to use on these knives is CPM20CV, which is a super high vanadium martensitic stainless.* It is super abrasion resistant which gives it extremely high edge holding capabilities.* It is also extremely stainless.* It is going to be hard to get this steel to rust in any way, even by downright abusing it.* It is my favorite steel right now and makes just an incredibly awesome knife.*

    The knives are priced as follows.* There are base prices and then there are upgrades available for a little bit extra.* Those options really allow you to customize your blade.* If you want an option you don't see, let me know and we can discuss it.* I can do about anything you could think of.*

    There is really only one way to do this, it's kind of like a cafeteria from school, but with better options.* If your schools were like mine, my knives probably taste better too.* However, I don't recommend eating them.* While damage from digestive acid is covered under my warranty, hospital visits are not.*

    Pick your numbered options from each lettered section:


    CPM20CV base price is $ Not valid price anymore.** Clean belt finish is standard on all knives.
    ** ----Subtract $ Not valid price anymore. for 52100 carbon steel

    Choose your scale color.* Solid color G10 or single color with single contrasting liners are standard.**
    Colors you can choose from, in any combination:

    Ruby Red
    Toxic Green
    Hot Pink
    OD Green
    Hunter Orange
    Desert Tan

    SECTION C: $ Upgrade prices subject to change next batch.
    Upgrades.* Pick as many as you'd like.* This is your chance to make the knife even more special to you!* See something you want that isn't listed?* Get with me, I bet we can make it happen!*

    Lanyard hole: $5, can be lined or unlined

    Modification to blade shape or grind from the standard shape.* Start at $15 and priced on a per knife basis.* This might be as basic as an extra inch on the blade length to a tanto grind or a chisel grind, sheepsfoot blade shape, or even a deep belly skinner blade shape.

    Longer standard handle option: $15, This adds about half an inch to the standard handle.* Makes a great woods knife for a day hike.* The full size handle let's you get a lot of leverage when you need it.*

    Thumb Jimping: $15 I really recommend this upgrade.* This is done with a 20 line per inch checkering file and adds a lot of functionality to the knife without detracting from the overall appeal like some deep, half circle type jimping can.

    Ferro notch: $15* Standard sized for a 1/4" fire steel.* Let me know if you want larger or smaller.*

    Matching Ferro Rod:* $25 The Dart EDC is already a great knife to carry outdoors, a matching ferro rod makes it even better.** Heck, even if you want a rod that doesn't match, I'll do that too!

    Fancy handle material: $7 extra for canvas/linen/paper micarta.* Wood, bone, ivory, other exotics priced per knife depending on what you would like.* You can always send me material to use for $15 per knife.

    Contrasting G10 bolsters: $20, you choose flat or dovetailed.*

    Stacked Liners: $7* This is also a great upgrade to really make your knife pop!* Take a knife with plain black G10 scales, add red liners and then add a stacked black liner underneath the red.* Just an example, but the options are endless.

    Tapered tang: $25 Improves balance and visual appeal. Gives the knife a true custom look.*

    Hand rubbed blade finish: $35 for 52100 and $50 for 20CV.

    SECTION D:* $Upgrade prices subject to change next batch.


    Upgraded Color:* $5

    Upgraded Pattern: $6

    One off or crazy cool sheath ideas:* Priced per knife.* I will put you in contact with Ronnie and he can make you anything your heart desires.* If you can dream it, he can make it.

    I know you want to see pictures.* Take a look at this thread.* My 52100 prototype and Ronnie's 20CV prototype are on the second page.* My pictures are after my knife had been sharpened and carried and beat up pretty hard.* It definitely isn't new anymore!* Ronnie did his own scales.* The knife you receive you receive will have rounded front edges, the angled edges were Ronnie's choice.* I do not offer blades only, that was a special one time deal for the prototype.* The version I'm doing now does have a slightly longer blade, about 1/4" longer.* I like it a bit better as it seems to give a bit more reach to a small knife.**

    This thread has pictures when my knife was new.

    EDIT:* How about some pictures in this post?* Here you go!

    If you'd like any more information, please let me know.* I don't require any money upfront, just a firm commitment.* If you're interested I will add you to the list and I will keep you updated as I make progress.* If you want a longer handle or a different blade shape, place your order early so I can get it on this heat treat batch.* Once they're back, I will be contacting the people on the list, starting at the top, for their upgrade option choices.* Once the knife is completed, you will receive a notice, you send payment via USPS money order, cash, or PayPal and I send the knife.* You have seven days to inspect the knife.* If you want to return it for any reason, ship it back in new condition and I'll refund your purchase price.

    I'm excited to make your knife!* Let's do this!

    Brian Evans
    Lead Designer, Chief Grinder, Head Janitor
    Evans Knife and Tool

    Standard disclaimer:* Listen up all you budding lawyers.* You're buying a knife.* It's going to be sharp.* It's going to be pointy.* It could cut you.* It could cut into or off very important body parts.* Guys, you know what I'm talking about........your pinky fingers.* What did you think I was going to say?* Anyway, don't do anything with this knife you wouldn't want your grandmother to see you doing.* If you get hurt using it, it's on you.

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