Does anybody think this is sexy?

Discussion in 'TSETWNDFFAFFUG' started by Danbo, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. Danbo

    Danbo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 28, 1999
    Submitted for your viewing displeasure. Why someone would do this to a perfectly good female, I dont know.:barf:
  2. Danbo

    Danbo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 28, 1999
    And, here is her partner. First there was Blechh #1 and now Blechh #2. And this one looks like she would just as soon kick your ass than look at you.
  3. Danelle O'Shea

    Danelle O'Shea

    Mar 22, 2001
  4. RattlerXX


    Nov 7, 2000
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!!!!!!!

    OH S&#72IT is that a bulge between her legs that I see???
  5. Danbo

    Danbo Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 28, 1999
    Now, those are the normal responses I would expect. I am still waiting for someone to tell me they actually think this is sexy.
  6. nifrand

    nifrand Custom Knife Forum Mod

    Feb 25, 1999
    Red Foxx quote"She gives me a soft-on":barf:
  7. shootist16

    shootist16 knife law moderator Moderator

    Dec 25, 1998

    I'll be lucky if I ever get it up again. Why in the world a woman would want to look like a freak I'll never know. :barf: :barf: :barf:
  8. Random

    Random I PWN |\|00bs

    Jul 13, 2000
    Just doesn't do it for me.
  9. Dexter Ewing

    Dexter Ewing Moderator & Gold Member

    Oct 3, 1998
    Doesn't do it for me either. Yuck...
  10. Mongo


    Nov 5, 2001
    With all those anabolic steroids those "ladies" are taking, they in all liklihood have grown clitori of amazing proportions!:eek:
    They are just plain freaks, I cannot see how any normal male would be attracted to them. More likely either afraid of them or at least envious of their superior musculature!

    :barf: :barf: :barf:
  11. medusaoblongata


    May 1, 2000
    You're just jealous because she could kick your ass.
  12. Dexter Ewing

    Dexter Ewing Moderator & Gold Member

    Oct 3, 1998
    Now THAT is a turn on :D
  13. Melvin-Purvis

    Melvin-Purvis Not a Registered User Staff Member Super Mod

    Jan 14, 2001

  14. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999
    They remind me of John Ritter's bar date in Skin Deep. A couple of dozen beers too many and you might just wake up next to one of these ladies. If you are polite and nod alot she may let you escape within a few days.


    (edit The movie title was Skin Deep)

  15. Cougar Allen

    Cougar Allen Buccaneer (ret.)

    Oct 9, 1998
    In a way it's unfortunate that only paid members can get in here -- those ladies aren't likely to show up and respond to this thread....

    Once upon a time one of the crew found a website advertising a muscular lady who is willing to wrestle with you for a fee. A thread similar to this one developed -- similar until the lady's friend and webmaster, another lady of similar proportions, found the thread and chimed in with her view of the gentlemen who had been commenting on the website and on her friend. One of them was named Diana the Valkrie IIRC, though I no longer recall which one.... An entertaining flame war developed, with many amusing threats to crush skulls between vise-like thighs etc., interspersed with commentaries on website design and safe dosages of anabolic steroids for women....

    For the record, I would not care to wrestle with either of the ladies pictured in this thread. I would not be willing to pay a fee to watch them wrestle each other, either. To each his own....
  16. BaliLover


    Oct 25, 2000
    The second one looks like Millie Vanilli, you know, the lipsyncing guys from the late 80s who had long curley hair and danced like fairies.

    She's a MAN BABY!
  17. Mike Hull

    Mike Hull

    Nov 25, 2000
    BaliLover, I was going to say, she looks like Lou(Incredible Hulk) Ferigno on a bad hair day.:D
  18. glockman99

    glockman99 Super Moderator Super Mod

    Jun 12, 2000
    In the words of Everybody Loves Raymond's "Frank Barone":HOLY CRAP!.:eek:. Them bitches are BUTT-UGLY, (but please don't tell 'em I said that!.:eek:.).
  19. Mike G

    Mike G

    Jul 15, 2000

    I don't know which is worse; Fat chicks, or those two!

  20. Keith Montgomery

    Keith Montgomery

    May 9, 2000
    :barf: I have nothing against a female pumping iron, but that is Phucking rediculous. They would have to take so many roinds to look like that they probably have more male characteristics than female.

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