Electroplalting with nanoparticles

Discussion in 'Reate Knives' started by RLDubbya, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Dec 21, 2016
    I became a Reate-fanboy a few months ago when I stumbled onto a great price for a District 9. When I received it, I was blown away. Just amazing.

    I now own 3 District 9s - different variants-; a K1; a Horizon D Ti; a Valkyrie II, and (stretching what we consider a Reate) a Begg/SteelCraft Kwaiken. I'm sick; I catch myself on BladeHQ, looking at more Reates to buy.

    I am also getting my new business of sharpening and other knife-related services up and running; I wish I could keep it as a hobby, but with my health issues I really can't leave the house to work. I have decided that I'm going to add ceramic electroplatinsg to my offerings.

    I've chosen a system which can lay down an extremely fine coat of nanoparticles; so fine that I coat small screws and not impact threads. The coating is also self-lubricating, perfect for pivots.

    Sorry for all the background...but I wanted to ask your feedbacjk: what are some good color schemes that you would like to see? For example, I think that the District 9s would look great in an all black / gold hardware or all black / red hardware. My goal is to develop a catalog of stock finishes that customers can choose from, and also offer completely unique custom work.

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