Emerson & Brous cheap!

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Jan 20, 2012
Just trying to generate some funds because of the usual story of buying too much. We all know this story so I'll spare you the details. As is my usual Shipping and PP are on me. Please PM me with questions & only post "I'll take it" in thread. Thanks for looking!

Emerson CQC8 BTS Jungle- This is a catch and release. no issues. comes with box and papers. WITHDRAWN

IMG_6130.jpg IMG_6131.jpg

Jason Brous JB177- This knife is one of Mr. Brous's early knives. I was pimped by Griffen Hawkings and comes with a kydex sheath. This knife has not seen hard use but has been used to open packages. It is still sharp with its original edge. Originally this knife sold for $300 but I'm asking $OLD.

IMG_6128.jpg IMG_6129.jpg

Emerson Karambit- This knife is a catch and release. I bought it used and pimped. I just prefer my Fox DART. I believe the thickness of the pimped scale is causing the latish lock up. Just wanted to give full disclosure. This however does not affect knife i.e.. no blade play. Bought it for $80 so Asking SOLD (ON HOLD for RONINUSMC) which is a steal for an Emerson Karambit.

IMG_6133.jpg more pictures below...
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