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Photos First Look: Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017

Discussion in 'Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives' started by TheHunt, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. TheHunt


    Dec 26, 2006
    So, we all love our heavy duty, hard to kill, die hard tools, don´t we?
    More prybar than cuttingtool, nukeproof...

    Thtat´s the way it is, right?


    Something smaller than a Handyman or a Herkules won´t so it, for a multitool we choose at leat the Spirit or even better, the Original Swiss Tool?
    ..big Divers Watch, 600feet waterproof.
    We are Men! Whoohah!

    Sometimes, it can be a little smaller, at least for me.
    And that´s what it looks like:


    Small, lightweight, full of options.

    So, when Victorinox announces a new Limited series of the venerable Classic, for the sixth time by the way, your´s truly has to have a look.

    It was a contest, which brought us these new motives, all from the animal kingdom :)

    That´s the way to go, well earned win, I´d say!

    Being a series of ten pieces, you´re in for a ride, so grab a beaverage, and have some fun!
    Front and backside have different prints on them, nicely done, as always.

    Here we go:
    That´s the Honey Bee

    Let me introduce the Guacamaya:

    Joined by the Giant Panda:

    Woody, oh sorry, the Woodworm sends his regards:
  2. TheHunt


    Dec 26, 2006
    Told you, this will take some time...

    My personal favourite :
    The Wolf is coming home:

    Glimmers own th enight:

    I couldn´t resist.. Anybody in for a little pictorial humor?
    The Dragonfly.

    Noah sends his best wishes, The Ark:

    Not to get political on this one, but sometimes a nice little Ark sounds like a pretty good idea... Not beacuse of rain either.

    With this one, I hab to think of Snoopy, Omega (which is located in Swizerland as well as Victorinox) and the Speedmaster. So sweeeeeet:

    Right now, I still don´t own a Omega Speedmaster Professional, so if any of you doesn´t need his, it will get in decent hands, promise :)

    Part of my family enjoys it there for years now, Turtles Down Under:

    With ten models, we have the luxury to show all tools in one picture. My collection isn´t that small, but ten from the same model? Hardly so.
    There are too many variations with Vixtorinox, but with the Classic, its a no brainer:

    Knive, scissors, nailfile with small flathead screwdriver, tweezers and toothpick. And the ring for the keychain, of course!

    A bummer, with some variants the knob is colored too! Never have seen that before.
    Wouldn´t it be cool to have this feature with the white, red and black versions as well?
    You bet it would!

    I will burn, burn, burn, in a ring of scissorsssssss.....:
    Forgive me Johnny...

    Never bring a knife...:

    Stone, paper scissors:

    I´ll grind you...

    Who , if not Victorinox...

    Is there anything, which hasn´t been written about the alltime Classic, a bestseller for years?
    Well, the guys and galy in Ibach must get something right, I´d say.

    For me a least :)

    I realy like the choice of motive, so I got all ten, as you´ve seen. Obviously :)

    The quality is the same as ever, impeccable. Has been, is and will be for the next 1000 years I guess...

    Ever got QC-hickup with Victorinox?

    Nah, me neither, never nada, niente.

    Me, a fanboy?

    Do I own more than I need?

    Could I arm a small army with my collection?
    Hell yeah!

    Does my wife love anyhow?
    With all her heard, as do I.

    The Classic Limited Edition 2017 is a real treat and I hope you had some fun reading my rumblings...

    If you have any questions, shoot!

    To us and those like us!
    Cheers boys!
  3. NelsonIII

    NelsonIII Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 23, 2015
    Awesome for the wife, kids or family. Fun designs!
  4. pfranze78


    Aug 31, 2016
    The Classic really deserves its name, because well, it is a classic! I have a Black cellidor and a silver Alox, my Wife a translucent pink, my son (10) a red cellidor and my daughter (8) a blue one.

    My wife, I had to convince on buying one, so I bought for her on valentines day. She uses it more that she cares to admit ;-)
  5. jackknife

    jackknife Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 2, 2004
    Can you say "Stocking stuffers" boys and girls?

    Having several family members that are great fans of the little classic, I can see how some of these are going to be finding their way into some Christmas stockings this year. It's been about 10 years or so since I gave out several classics to the non knife members of the family to cut down on the "Hey Carl, lemme borrow your knife" phrase. In that time, the non knife members of the family got very used to the little classic on the keyring, and a few of them even bought a replacement when TSA or loss from wear and abuse got them.

    I think some colorful classics will brighten up a Christmas morning!

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