For Sale: Benchamde, Buck, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Victorinox


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Apr 15, 2015
I've purchased a few new knives recently and want to free up some funds to balance the books. These knives are light users and may show minor signs of use. I will do my best to point out things of note such as scuff or marks, however I think you'll find that the knives are in very nice condition.
  • Knives ship via USPS from Western Pennsylvania.
  • Please make payment through Paypal Goods and Services. I will provide my email upon request. When making payment please include what knife you purchased as well as your shipping information in the "Note to Seller" section.
  • These items are only posted for sale on blade
  • I will honor the first "I'll take it" posted on the forum or via Private Message.
  • No international shipping please.

$25 Gerber MP600 (SPF to Tueller)
Nice condition, includes Nylon Sheath.
$38 Leatherman K2 (SPF to CarsonWayne)
Great condition, factory edge, I bought a couple of these as gifts and had this one left over. I carried it a bit but it shows no signs of use.
$110 Spyderco PM2 (Lefty) (SPF to Anderdale)
Like new. This is the Left handed variant which means that the compression lock is flipped from the way it works on a regular PM2. Really nice knife
$60 Buck 110 Pro Bos S30V (Sold to FierDog)
Carried this one a few times. It still have a very sharp factory edge. The Canvas micarta picked up a bit of blue coloration from my jeans pockets which you can see in the picture.
$170 Spyderco Delica ZDP189 Flytanium Titanium Scales
This is my attempt at the ultimate Delica. The zdp blade sports a high polish edge. the titanium scales add a nice heft while still keeping the knife light in the hand and pocket. minor snail trails on the titanium.
$150 Benchmade Bugout with Aimfront Aluminum Scales
Used but never abused. Blade finish shows signs of use as can be seen from the photos, nothing major, just light marks that are only visible from certain angles. Edge has been maintained with sharpmaker fine ceramic rods. Aimfront aluminum handles are good to go and add a sturdiness to the knife that feels great in hand. Includes box and original Ranger Green handle scales.
$40 CRKT Inara
New in box. Nice knife but no option for left handed carry means that it's not something that I'll never carry.
$15 Victorinox Tinker (SPF to JFK1110)
Nice condition. Cellidor Scales might have some light marks but tools are clean, sharp, and ready to go.
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Mar 9, 2013
I'll take the tinker--$15--
Send me your PayPal address to email! Thanx
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