FS: Becker, Wilkinson Sword, Wolf Creek Forge, Norlund, TOPS

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Jun 28, 2013
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Please no trades at this time

TOPS SXB Rehandle project. comes with amazing leather sheath setup(by BIGGORILLAINK) for dangler, only needs the dangler. this was a fun project, but is not my best work and the price reflects it. the new handle is waaaaay better than factory. I have to say the blade on this is the best factory produced WSK I've tried. it needs no regrinding.
$175 shipped.

Next up is two rare blades.
Camillus non-swedge spear point BK9 with convex edge and micarta
$165 shipped
Wilkinson Sword Type D RAF knife.
This knife had been modified a bit. the convex edge on it is such a great cutter.
$115 shipped SOLD

Norlund hatchet $80 shipped

Wolf Creek forge hatchet/bag axe head
Needs a rectangular haft socket. never used
$70 shipped

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Oct 10, 2013
How heavy is the Wolf Creek hatchet head? My email address is jshea1011 at live dotcom. Thank you!