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Oct 20, 2018
Just a heads up for anybody with kydex thinking about some wooden scales (the tommy the who scales are great!). To get a kydex fit that matches the factory micarta (with tweeners and ttw scales)you will need to sand them down to remove some thickness and put 2 m4 washers on the screws to account for the hardware. They are very tight in the kydex if you dont thin them, but they are beautiful!

Be sure to sand on glass or something very flat. Lay the paper on glass and hold/sand the scales. I tried using a block and it wasnt even.

However, I do miss the thickness now that I sanded them, but they fit the kydex great. I originally planned to keep this knife for my leather sheath and the micarta knife for kydex. The original thickness made it feel like a different knife! But... I felt like piddling today.

Just throwing it out project for the day.

Maybe I'll make some removeable liners?

Ignore the sawdust!

Ugh, guess I should clean up before the girlfriend gets home.

Btw, a light run of 400grit really smooths out the blade coating!
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