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Apr 28, 2015
Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you're all surviving winter's frosty touch.

I have three brand new in tube GECs today. All come with their tubes, paper and pin if applicable.

Prices include shipping and fees.
USA deals only.
First "I'll take it" in this thread gets it.
I have the right to deal with whom I choose.

GEC #15 Urban Jack in green micarta. New in tube. Walk and talk is superb with the spear blade pulling at around a 7 and the comb thingy at like a 5.5-6. Both snap closed and open. Asking $130.

GEC #35 Beer and Sausage in ebony. New in tube. Beautiful grain on this one. Pull on the spear is a 6.5. The tools are a little less than that. Comes with paper and pin. Factory oil left a little stain on the main blade. Minor hairlines from factory. Asking sold.

GEC #19 Lil Rattler in coral micarta. New in tube. Nice w/t on this little guy, pull at like a 6.5 and snaps both ways. Comes with paper. Asking sold.

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