Getting rid of some knives from collection - Hinderer, Shiro, Boos, etc.

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Mar 14, 2018
I am not looking to trade for anything at the moment. Will only take Paypal and ship to the address that was used to make the purchase. All prices already include shipping tyd, with signature confirmation.

BEST CONTACT IS EMAIL! - [email protected]
Please do not hesitate to email me with questions. I work on weekdays and will not be able to provide additional pictures until I get home (7PM EST).
Thank you for looking!

Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Fatty Tanto w/ Extra Accessories - $750

I'm the original owner. Never used. This thing is a beast. Comes with a lot of extras and original parts. Not looking to part anything out.
Hardware currently on the knife:
-Goldish/bluish titanium presentation side scale.
-Blue anodized pivot screw
-Blue anodized handle screws
-Blue anodized handle nuts
-Blue anodized stand-offs
-Blue anodized pocket clip
-Blue anodized clip filler
-Blue anodized lock bar stabilizer

Additional hardware that will come with this purchase:
-Original pivot screw
-Original handle nut
-Original handle screws
-Original & copper stand offs
-Original pocket clip
-Original pocket clip filler
-Original lock bar stabilizer
-2x Copper Liner, 1x Original liner
-1x Olive G-10 Scale

Hinderer XM-18 3" Spanto Black DLC Black G10 - $375

Original owner. Used a few time to open packages and flipped. Still sharp as hell! Currently has bronze washers installed. Will include the original washers with this sale.

Strider SnG - $OLD
Original owner. Never carried and never used.

Spyderco PITS Folder Slip Joint Titanium - $195

Original owner. Never used/carried. Purchased and never played with it.

Shirogorov Neon Lite M390 - $600

Used but still sharp as hell! There is some marring on the screw near the back spacer (see last photo), as well as a small imperfection from being dropped (non-presentation side Photo 3).

Jeff Park Bones (Not CRKT branded) - $325

Original owner, purchased new and never used. Lost the little pouch it came with.

Boos Blade Aero Mini Blue w/CF - $250

Second owner. Never carried. Still factory sharp. No imperfections from what I can see. Only Missing the sticker.

Boos Blade Aero Mini Silver w/CF - $OLD

Second owner, Never carried. Still factory sharp and also in imperfections from what I can see. Missing sticker as well.

Olamic Wayfarer 247T 3.5 Tanto M390 Satin w/ Scalloped Handles - $450

Brand new and purchased directly from Olamic. This hasn't gotten any pocket time or use (Love my Busker more). Comes with all original items.

Rike Knife Thor3 Integral Fram Lock Flipper Gray - $335

Original owner, never used. It was an impulse buy. Letting it go for cheap (nothing wrong with it.)
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Jul 12, 2015
pm inbound, ill take sng, PAYMENT sent thanks!
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