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GSO 5.1 CPM-3V cutting test

Discussion in 'Survive! Knives' started by Lo/Rez, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Lo/Rez


    Feb 10, 2013
  2. Rigs


    Sep 6, 2014
    Great Video! I can't wait for my GSO 5.1 to arrive now!
  3. Riz!


    May 5, 2014
  4. Shaggy DA

    Shaggy DA

    Aug 16, 2014
    Need it now! :)
  5. 45cal4life


    Sep 4, 2014
    Nice :D:D:D
  6. chiral.grolim

    chiral.grolim Universal Kydex Sheath Extension Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Dec 2, 2008
    Awesome post, thanks for that :thumbup:
  7. evltcat

    evltcat Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    Aw now ya got me all wound up! :eek:
    I love 3V! Its one of my all time favorite steels!
    Can't wait for my GSO-5.1 to get here too!!!!!! :thumbup:
  8. rexromic

    rexromic Gold Member Gold Member

    May 28, 2011
    Great vid,thanks for posting.
  9. 1Hiker2

    1Hiker2 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 11, 2012
    It seems to me the pieces of cord you were cutting are going to be to short to use! Heck of a piece of steel though!
  10. Dutchtracker

    Dutchtracker Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2012
    Thanks for sharing the video, it's a awesome knife.
    Can't wait for my GSO 5.1 to get to my.
  11. BrandonEDC


    Aug 12, 2014
    Man i have to wait a while. its going to a guy making the sheath first....
  12. OBX351

    OBX351 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 29, 2014
    RE: your YouTube comments, just strop the blade and those folds will come out. I had a few micro folds on my 4.1 after doing a TON of wood work and I got them out. It did take a while, 3v is a lot harder to sharpen then 1095, D2, O1, etc.

    Or just send it back to Guy and he'll sharpen it for free. He's sharpened my 5.1 and 4.1 twice for me.
  13. BrandonEDC


    Aug 12, 2014
    Whats the wait time on having it sharpened
  14. DBH


    Aug 3, 2001
  15. SURVIVE! Ellie

    SURVIVE! Ellie

    Apr 21, 2014
    Usually we only have it for a day or two. Email [email protected] if you're interested and we will get you squared away.

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