Hmong Knife

Bill Siegle

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 3, 2000
I was inspired by a post someone made about a knife the Hmong people use. It’s a very versatile design for sure! As a “one knife only” it has a lot going for it! The main edge can slice and chop. The forward edge can slice and pierce. If you choke up on the blade the forward section can do fine carving. I made this out of 1/4in 5160 with black canvas Micarta scales over orange G10 liners. It weighs 17oz. The overall length is 15 5/8in and the blade is 10 1/8in.
05F7900E-5BC5-449C-81F3-C862E9FEDB41.jpeg 4E75658C-4DB1-4309-AD09-C5F1C5A32FC1.jpeg 652A088C-EF78-432A-AD7A-505E0B9D8DDC.jpeg