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    Dec 7, 2019
    In the midst of this pandemic, how is everyone here? Are lockdowns still in place? Is your country/local area gradually reopening? Was your daily routine pre-COVID19 season severely affected?

    Currently residing in the southeast Asian region. There are “varying levels” of lockdown in the country, depending on the number of cases in the area. I don’t think school will resume anytime soon. While I acknowledge the efficacy of lockdowns in slowing disease transmission, this is also concerning for folks who support their families on daily wages.
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    Nov 20, 2005
    I'm fine. I agreed with the lock downs for the first month (perhaps a month and a half) until more information on the covid-19 continued to appear that had merit rather than just repeating what the CDC or Trump or some Gov said. The thing that impacted me the most was the loss of income. I mean TOTAL loss of income as I am self employed. It is time for things to get back to a near normal with people paying attention to conditions that favor rapid transmission of the virus. Also, we need to protect the most at risk groups even if the government has to pay them a monthly stipend. You aren't going to keep people, especially free people, locked up inside their homes for months on end without some ramifications.

    In my state (TN) you couldn't even visit a State Park to wander around on hiking trails or whatever. The order had the force of law behind it with a fine that I would have trouble paying.... sucked. Things are generally open now in my state, so I don't have to concern myself with getting fined for breaking the quarantine with non-essential travel. So, that is good for me personally.

    I thought the re-start was going to be quick. But employers are being very reserved in bringing back employees. This is going to stretch out until the end of the year..... I know it is not the Federal Government's fault.... they did what the so called experts recommended.

    I read an article in the newspaper yesterday that the unemployed are at the point when most will have their health insurance dropped. Insurance usually continues for one month after being terminated/laid off from a normal job with health benefits. Most normal people do not have the coin to pay for the Cobra (102% of the insurance cost). There will only be what amounts to "ObamaCare" for most and most of those plans are not cheap as I understand it.

    A couple of years back I inquired what the cost of health insurance would be for a plan consistent with the better company plans.... I was told it would run about $2000/month. With no income, you can see what happens.....
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